May 17, 2012

What we've been up to!

We've been enjoying life while neglecting this blog!

We hung out with Lala (my sister) while she was in town visiting (and helping)!

Kate insisted on holding Will like mommy does while watching Mickey! Does it get any sweeter than this???

Sissy and bubba had deep conversations (plotting against me I'm sure)!

Hung out at the park with Colt and Natalie!

Went to the Zoo for the first time post transplant! And then went back again a week later and got to feed a giraffe!

Celebrated this sweet boy on his one month birthday! Post to come!

Took silly pictures with momma at the park!

Went back to the zoo and brought Colt this time!

Headed to the park after our visit with the "amals".

Wore more matching outfits (I cannot get enough of my babies matching/ coordinating - cutest thing ever)!

And while all of this was going on a certain little boy decided to grow a few precious leg rolls!

As you can tell, we've been busy! We're spending tons of time outside these days which has resulted in babies that nap and a momma that has a killer flip flop and tank top tan!

Will is sleeping like a champ and we are slowly getting into a routine. I'm hoping to be back into regular blogging again now that life is a bit more predictable! I have so much to blog about and catch up on!

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Mateya said...

How fun! I am in love with Will's turtle outfit from the zoo. Where is it from? I asked you on Twitter but I don't think you follow me @mateyab32 :)

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