June 19, 2012

Hanging out at Home

Earlier this month (nearly two weeks ago - I am so far behind with blogging), we had a rainy day at home.  I am pretty oblivious to the weather these days and got everyone ready to run errands before realizing that it was pouring down rain.

If you have ever parented a toddler, you know that saying we are going bye-bye and then not going bye-bye never goes over too well.  The whining for the park and bye-bye were non stop.  Enough to drive anyone insane. 

I was finally able to distract Kate by opening her drapes and blinds so she could see the rain falling as we played in her room.  We actually had a lot of fun that afternoon and Kate had a blast making things with her blocks!

Will enjoyed watching sister play!

It started raining a bit harder (while the sun was still shining - hello summer afternoon rain showers!) so Kate took a break to watch the rain fall.  I just can't get over how cute she looked!  The tippy toes! The curls! The cross back dress! I just love these pictures so much!

The rain made Kate nice and sleepy - she grabbed her nigh nighs and a paci and asked to "wok peas" (rock please) in her chair. 

I did not hesitate to scoop both my sweet babies up and rock away!  It's funny how these sweet moments come after an exhausting morning at home.  Just when you think you might lose your mind, trapped in a house with two babies, something simple like this completely adjusts your mindset. 

I never in my wildest dreams imaged I would be staying home full time with my kids but moments like this, when my sweet girl asks to cuddle up and rock make me fall in love with my job title all over again.

Who needs Corporate board rooms when you can have sweet snuggles on a daily basis?

Remind me of these moments the next time Kate refuses to nap on a day that Will screams unless he is held or eating, ok?


Anonymous said...

Those photos of her at the window are adorable!

Who needs Corporate board rooms when you can have sweet snuggles on a daily basis?

I love that being an academic allows me to work from home some of the time. I get baby cuddles every morning and in the afternoons I can satisfy my need for dedicated, distraction-free research time. I know I probably won't always be able to get away with "Ancient Self-Refutation" or "13th-Century Sophismata" as rocking-chair reading aloud material, but for now, Gwen doesn't mind what I read so long as she's cuddled up with me!

Melissa at Tall Blonde Blog said...

This is sweet and I just love the pics of Kate at the window...beautiful!

I miss the rocking.

Megan and David said...

I couldn't agree more. Best job title ever. Glad you are enjoying it : ) And Kate is just gorgeous. You would never know how sick she was.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

love those pictures of her looking out the window. sweet girl :)

Ashley said...

Such a great post!! I needed this. I have been struggling with my job title as mom lately. Seems so mundane and especially in the hot summer days. But it's important to stop and smell the roses and enjoy this short time I have with my kids. They'll be grown before I know it!

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