June 22, 2012

Water Fun with Friends

One of the {few} positives to being a bone marrow transplant family is the other patients and families you connect with.  We have been blessed with an amazing BMT family and I know these sweet friends are "forever friends".

Colt is a transplant survivor (just made one year post transplant - Go Colt!) and he is just a few months younger than Kate.  His mom, Natalie, has become one of my dear friends.  It is such a blessing to have a friend that truly understands each and every worry I have.  I hate that our sick children brought us together but I am certain I wouldn't survive without being able to call, text, or visit with Natalie on a regular basis.

We've done really good about getting the kids together nearly every Wednesday since Will was born.  It's a nice break for us!  Since it is unbearably hot here in Houston these days we've had several water play dates!

Colt lives in the suburbs and has a big backyard so he and Kate we're able to play with his outside toys and a really cool splash pad a few weeks ago!  Kate was way more interested in playing in the water than Colt was but they still had a good time!

Catchin a ride from her main man Colt!

Look how long her hair is getting!  It's growing back so fast!

Kate had a blast in the water!

This is what happens when you attempt to get a picture of three tired babies under the age of 2.

We live in the city which means a teeny tiny backyard and not many outside toys!  However, we pulled the water table out and played for a bit in the driveway!

And I can't leave out sweet Will!

So thankful for these sweet friends!

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mommy baum said...

love the new blog update....fresh look, new name, but same sweet family! looks like your summer is full of fun so far, and i love watching your two littles interact! i have so enjoyed following your story....happy friday!

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