June 28, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

I'm just going to jump in to the randomness that is this post...

*Has anyone else seen commercials for that diet powder that your sprinkle on your food and apparently lose weight?  Please tell me no one is dumb enough to actually buy this.  No one can honestly think that sprinkling some magic diet powder on your greasy cheeseburger or french fries is going to make you lose weight.  If it was that simple everyone would be super skinny and live at the cupcake shop.  Get real!

*Speaking of weight.  Let's just say I managed to lose all of my baby weigh and then GAIN IT BACK.  I haven't gained all of it back but come on!  I am so over this extra weight and am officially on a mission to get back in shape!  I've also registered for a 5K in September (more details on that tomorrow) so this beast was delivered to our house Tuesday! And before anyone attempts to give me obnoxious loving advice about running with a baby - I am not running with Will yet (walking yes, running no) and will not run with him until I get the ok from the pediatrician.

The kids approved of their new wheels!  Will feel asleep within minutes of starting our walk.

*Do you see how huge Will is?  Chunker is 13.9 pounds! 

*Yesterday was one of those days where I wanted to simultaneously cry and pour a glass of wine.  Kate was in total destruction mode.  Will was fussy and wouldn't nap more than 30 minutes.  Kate decided her face made a beautiful canvas for her markers.  You know, one of those days.

Right when I was at my breaking point, Kate asked to hold Will.  Insert heart explosion.  Moments like this make all of the hard, stressful moments disappear. 

*The picture above shows, yet again, how huge Will is!  Kate only weighs 9 pounds more than him!  They will be the same size in no time!

*Yes Kate wore not one, but two swim suits all day yesterday.  She even went out in public wearing them. That's a battle I just didn't have the energy to fight.

*If you follow me on twitter you already know that I've been participating in "no spend June".  I've failed in some areas (hello $500 stroller I bought this week) but succeeded in other areas (haven't bought a single article of clothing for the kids).  I've learned a lot this month about living in excess and plan to post about it in the next week or so!

*It is HOT this summer.  We hit 108 (actual temperature not heat index) this week.  I love city life but would really love the convenience of the suburbs and a neighborhood pool/ splash pad right about now!

*I am a reading machine thanks to the summer reading challenge!  I've officially finished 7 books totaling 2,173 pages!



Laura said...

I'm a lurker finally commenting:)

I can't believe how big Will is already! He is looking so much older already!

We are in Nashville are in going to be over 100 degrees for the next 5 days....I can't deal with this heat! Especially being almost 9 months pregnant!

Anonymous said...

Will is a big boy but so cute! I hope you stay cool during this hot weather. It's hot here as well and I think with today's temp at 100, Grant and I will be at the pool!

Gina said...

I did the same thing with my weight after G. I worked with a trainer for a while, got in AWESOME shape, then couldn't afford it anymore and quit, and sure enough, my body changed. For the much worse. :-/

Paula said...

My mom is on the stuff that you are talking about and she has lost a lot of weight. Its Sensa. It trains your brain to feel full faster.

Cute picture of the kids!

Alyssa said...

I'm embarassed to say that my mom actually bought some of that diet powder and even brought it to a restaurant. I was thinking the same thing as you as I watched her sprinkle it on, but kept my mouth shut!

And if it weren't for the 105 degree temps all week, I might actually get back into running like I've been telling myself for weeks. I NEED to lose this obnoxious belly, but not at the risk of a heat stroke!

Your kids are just too cute for words! I really enjoy reading about them!

Lucy Marie said...

Do NOT tell my Grandmother about that powder. She will be ALL OVER THAT SHIZZ. She probably already is. That and her $500 shampoo from California. You know? The special kind that the movie stars use? It makes your hair really shiny, you know.

Also, same thing happened w/ my weight with Eva. It literally fell off in those first few weeks (thank you nursing), but I think I forgot that I was no longer pregnant and couldn't just eat whatever I wanted plus winter came and exercise wasn't as easy anymore. So, I started out this pregnancy quite a bit heavier. Hoping to NOT have the same thing happen this time.

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