October 14, 2012

Capturing Memories: Day 14

One thing Alex and I have tried very hard to continue since adding Will to our family is one on one time with Kate! While we haven't had any momma/ daddy/ Kate dates yet, we both have individual one on one time with her regularly.

This morning Alex and Kate went to the park to burn off some energy. She had a blast! This afternoon Kate and I loaded up and headed to our new Trader Joe's. We had a great time and even took a detour to the Pet Store to see the dogs/ cats at the adoption event going on. However, I would highly suggest you never venture out to a TJs on a Sunday right after it has opened.

There was a 25 minute wait to check out.

We definitely busted into some snacks while waiting so Kate would stay occupied!

A few boxes of pumpkin bread mix found their way into our buggy and Kate was so excited about it that we made a batch as soon as we got home! She loves cooking with me so much!

The results were so very yummy!

One thing I am noticing, and really loving, about this challenge, is that I am constantly thinking about documenting these simple memories. A random trip to the zoo. Baking muffins with Kate. Will learning to crawl.

I'm certain I would have pictures of these things but they'd be on my phone. If you know me, you know that I lose my phone approximately 38745 times a day. And never back it up. So the chance of me losing those memories is very high.

Now, I've got these memories on my computer, external hard drive, and blog. I will always have memories of these special, everyday moments.

I am also really enjoying reading other 31 day challenges. This challenge is really helping me look within and other bloggers are really "speaking" to me and inspiring me in certain areas of my life.

I haven't felt the blog world feel so genuine and real in a long time! And I am loving the blogging vibe this month!


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Elizabeth said...

I love how you're capturing these memories! It reminds me to take out my "good" camera more & not rely so heavily on my phone since I am not good about backing it up.

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