October 6, 2012

Capturing Memories: Day 6

Clearly I'm playing catch-up as I edit pictures from our trip!

I obviously didn't take this picture but, I did do test shots, get all of my settings correct, and then hand my camera over to a stranger!
Alex, Kate (2 yrs), Lindsey, Will (5.5m), Miles (3.5 yrs), Graham (6 yrs), Lauren, and Jeff

I literally want to cry tears of joy that I have a picture of my sister and her family with my family. We have waited YEARS for this moment. The moment when we both overcame our struggles to get pregnant. Both had precious babies to love and call our own. Both could celebrate the fact that Kate was healthy enough to make a trip to visit her cousins.

This picture is just so meaningful for so many reasons! I will always cherish the memories Kate made with her cousin during this special trip to Disney World!

Side note: we were able to be "testers" for the new Enchanted Tales with Belle interactive character meet and greet that is set to open in December. This picture was taken at this attraction and it is AMAZING!

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