October 9, 2012

Capturing Memories: Day 9

Kate took a longer than normal nap today (she had a slightly traumatic blood draw this morning and I think that, on top of Disney exhaustion, led to the longer sleep) which gave me some one on one time with this sweet boy! He decided to use this time to work on his crawling skills.

When Kate woke up she asked for a "treat" and who am I to deny her a treat after giving 6 vials of blood this morning? So Cinderella fruit snacks it was! She cracked up laughing when she went to pull one out and found a "silly nack" that was three fruit snacks attached. She laughed while shoving them in her mouth all at once!

After her snack, Kate decided it was time to give bubbas some kisses!

And I attempted to get a picture of my kids sitting together. Clearly this isn't a memory I was able to capture.

One thing I really hope to work on this month, while capturing these memories, is my ability to photograph my kids together. I need to work on bribing teaching Kate to sit still for a few seconds and I also need to figure out how to master my aperture and focus so both kids are crisp and in my field of focus! Hopefully consistently using my camera will help me make some improvements!


Lucy Marie said...

Love these pics Linds. Cannot even believe he is starting to crawl!

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures. Wow! I can't believe how long Kate's hair is getting. I love the curls.


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