August 28, 2013

Minnesota, doncha know?

I've got some BIG news!!

The Boggans (well 3/4 of us) are headed to Minnesota in October!

Why is this such big news?

Well, let me explain...

See this girl right here?

She and her amazing donor, Lance, have been selected to meet, for the first time ever, on stage at the 2013 National Marrow Donation Program (NMDP) Council Meeting!

Every year the NMDS (also known as Be the Match) hosts a conference "to collectively address the challenges of unrelated marrow and cord blood transplants for patients in need, and provide an event for Network partners to gather a share ideas". (source) Each year the registry sorts through hundreds of donor/ recipient applications and selects one donor/ recipient pair to meet at this convention.

Earlier this year, our donor coordinator contacted me and let me know she wanted to nominate Kate and Lance to meet at convention. Life was crazy, and I was so slow at actually finalizing Kate's application but I am so glad that I got everything to Brandy, our coordinator! When I say life was crazy, I mean I finished gathering pictures, blog links, information, etc for Kate's application the day before Will's transplant!

I haven't really thought much about our application since it was submitted several months ago and, again, life has been a bit busy! My mind has been pretty occupied with Will's recovery.

BUT I knew something was up when I had 5 missed calls from the coordinators office on Friday!

Kate and Lancer were selected as the 2013 donor/ recipient pair and will be meeting in Minneapolis (where Be the Match is headquartered) in October!

We are so excited and humbled that Kate's story, and Lance's selfless gift of donation will help spread bone marrow donation awareness! The fact that my amazing three year old daughter, and her life long struggle, can be used to further help others in need baffles me! I am blown away by the support Kate continues to receive and I know her story will keep inspiring others to join the registry! I am also thankful that Lance will be publicly acknowledged as well. Yes Kate's story is touching but we would not be able to share her journey, and successful transplant, if it weren't for Lance! We owe Kate's life to him and Alex and I are determined to keep praising the selfless individuals that donate marrow and save lives!

Two years ago I sat at my computer, on the bone marrow transplant floor of Texas Children's and wrote a letter to an anonymous man somewhere in the US. In that letter, I said, "You are giving us the most amazing gift anyone could give. I am forever thankful for your willingness to save Kate and I pray that I will be able to hug you and thank you in person one day."

My prayers have been answered.

Kate is healthy.

Kate is healed.

We get to thank Lance in person.

Praise be to God  for he is GOOD!

And Lance, you better get ready! This Southern momma is about to hug the mess out of your neck come October 19!  I'll probably ugly cry too! And snot on your shoulder. Apologies in advance!


Heather said...

You're too funny :) with the apologies in advance. Lance deserves all the hugs you give him and MORE!! I can't wait to see the pictures

Lindsey @ Just Add {red} Wine said...

I love this post. I can't wait to hear about this meeting. I know that Kate will be so excited and if I were you I would ugly cry and snot on him too =) <3

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

LOVE this!! cannot WAIT to hear about this more. So special.

SLAM said...

Wow, I am so happy for you! Yes, God IS good!

Erin said...

What an exciting experience!! Kate and Lance are such an inspiration to many! God is definitely good!

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