August 19, 2013


My sweet Kate,

How has it been THREE years since we laid eyes on you? How is it even possible that my itty bitty baby girl is now a little lady full of spunk, compassion, and love?

At times your birthday feels like yesterday. But today, as I reflect on everything we've been through, everything you've overcome in the past three years, it feels like you were welcomed into this world ages ago.

My sweet girl you have been through so much. More than anyone should deal with in a life time. Yet you have made it to the other side with grace.

You are the most compassionate three year old I have ever encountered. Everyone tells me you will never remember the struggles you have faced but as I watch you encourage and love your brother through the same journey you walked two years ago, I feel like you do recall your struggles. You are the first one to give bubba a kiss and offer encouraging words. You praise him when he is brave and love him when he is hurting. Simply put, you are the best big sister anyone could ask for.

You light up any room you enter. Whether it is our living room on a random Tuesday night, or the BMT clinic, you make people laugh, spread joy, and always offer a smile.

I could claim that my parenting has made you into such a wonderful little person but that would be a lie. I've made so many mistakes over the past three years. I have been far from a perfect parent. YOU are the reason you are such an amazing girl! The Lord has blessed you with a spirit like non other and you continue to bring joy to anyone you encounter!

This past year has been so monumental! You've learned to vocalize your emotions, you've settled into your role as big sister, you've transformed from a toddler to a little girl! All over the past 12 months!

You've also proven to be extremely flexible. I hate that this year has also brought struggle and separation as we deal with Will's medical issues. I hate that I have spent so much time away from you. But you, my sweet girl, have done wonderfully with all of the change! You have seldom complained about the attention your brother requires and have jumped right in to help me manage all of his medical issues! You are the biggest help when it comes to hooking bubba up to all of his at home IVs, flushing his lines, and giving his medicine. When you aren't helping me, you are encouraging your brother, telling him everything will be ok, offering love and support.

Simply put, you are one amazing little girl!

You are my side kick. My built in bestie. My go to girl. I simply cannot wait to see how you grow and thrive over the next year!

Happy third birthday my sweet Kate! Always remember that you are loved. That daddy and I will always support you. And that the Lord will continue to bless you!

Now let's go dig into some cupcakes and celebrate!

Love forever and always,

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