July 15, 2010

Appointment Update!

Everyone looks good - I gained 2 pounds in 2 weeks so my gain is slowing down a bit.  This puts me at 24 pounds total gain at 33 weeks - I'm happy with that!

We just had a quick ultrasound but got a profile picture!  It is kind of hard to see since there is a lot of "noise" around her face due to the fact that she was putting her thumb in and out of her mouth.  But, look at that chin - or should I say chins.  Looks like my baby girl is sporting some chub on her little face!  We'll have a big growth scan next week to see just how big she is.

The biggest discussion during the appointment was delivery.  We are about 4.5 weeks out from having this baby and are working out some details.  Unfortunately, it is looking like a c-section may be in my future. 

I was born with a heart problem and had surgery to repair the issue in the mid-90s.  Due to the increase in blood volume during pregnancy, my doctor ordered an echo cardiogram to take a look at my heart and make sure everything was ok.  Well, it is looking like there may be a bit of an issue with the pressure level in the valve I had surgery on (we haven't confirmed this - just a first pass suspicion) and my doctor wants to meet with a Cardiologist to make sure my heart/ valve is strong enough to not give us problems during an induction.

I should know more about this at my appointment next week.  While I completely trust my doctor's decision as I know she will have my health and Kate's health at the forefront of her decision making, I am a little bit sad that I may not be able to experience labor and delivery. 

So, this week, if you have some extra prayers send them my way - for peace about a c-section and for a healthy heart for the remainder of this pregnancy.  I'm sure everything will be fine but, this little bump in the road was a bit unexpected.


Megan and David said...

Praying for you! You are getting so close and are in great hands.

Momma Wilson said...

extra prayers coming your way!

kim said...

Lots of prayers for you! I just know everything will turn out well and you'll be in excellent hands!

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