July 29, 2010

My husband is amazing!

Ok, I usually hate mushy "I am the luckiest person in the world" blog posts.  But, I have to take a minute to brag on Alex.

These past several days have been rough.  Starting with feeling like crap this weekend and then our less than stellar doctor's appointment on Tuesday, we have just had lots thrown at us.  And, everything points to me needing to slow things down and take it easy.

I am still working (some from home some in the office) so by the time I get back to the house at 5 or 6, I am beat. 

Alex automatically tells me to go sit down and rest.  He has cooked every meal this week, did the grocery shopping, has cleaned the house, done all of the dishes, walked and played with the dogs, and gotten me anything I needed while resting on the couch.  He has done all of this without me nagging or asking. 

He is doing all of this on top of working probably 60+ hours a week since he is swamped right now.

I feel horrible that I am basically a lazy bum but, it is wonderful to know that all of my normal responsibilities in the house are being taken care of.  He has also done a wonderful job at calming my nerves about everything that is going on.  I need those calming pep talks about once a day and he rocks at them!

So, thank you Alex for being so wonderful - Kate and I are so blessed and lucky to have you to taking such great care of us! 

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Jennifer said...

Wow, you have every reason in the world to brag. You have a wonderful husband and I'm sure he's happy to know how grateful you are.

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