July 27, 2010

Appointment Update

So, I had an interesting appointment today.  There were two major things discussed:

1. Possible preeclampsia
So, I am gaining weight, tons and tons of weight.  I thought it was 3 pounds but it really was more like 4 pounds in less than a week.  Add that to last weeks 2 pound gain and I am up 6 pounds in less than 2 weeks.  That is a 20% increase in total weight gain during my entire pregnancy - in less than 2 weeks.

I am also a bit puffy - I wouldn't say I am having major swelling but, I am definitely puffier in my fingers, toes, ankles, and face than I have been thus far.  My blood pressure was also a bit elevated for me.  I usually hang out around 100/60 but today I was at 120/75 - so not high, but on the rise.

My mom talked to my sister (who is an L&D nurse) about all of this and her first question was "Are you having pain under your right breast?"  Well, yes I am.  I thought it was all related to the contractions I was having but maybe it is something else.  Turns out that type of pain is sometimes knowns as epigastric pain is a big symptom of pre-e.  I had no clue and didn't know to alarm my doctor about the pain I've been having.
I've put a call into my doctor (all of these realizations came after the office closed) and hopefully we can figure out what's up.

2. Kate's lack of growth
The pre-e talk was put to the back burner because of the results of our growth scan.

If y'all remember, I was carrying a giant baby at 30 weeks - she was measuring well over 4 pounds and per my chart was in the 67% for size.

Well, it looks like something (not sure what - or if it even something to be concerned about) is causing her growth to slow down.  Her measurements today put her in the 26% weighing in at barely 5 pounds.

Meaning, she has gained less than a pound in 5 weeks. 

My doctor isn't to the point of taking any action (she doesn't start taking action until a baby measures below 20%) but, said we will have another growth scan in 2 weeks to make sure she is staying above that threshold. 

In the meantime I am trying not to worry.

After all of the discoveries today, we had a candid discussion about Kate's birth.  My doctor was honest and said she really is most comfortable with a scheduled c-section given my heart condition, blood disorder, possible growth restrictions, and possible pre-e.  She wants to make sure the staff she knows and trusts is there in the delivery room when I give birth.  So, a c-section it is.

Kate will enter this world around 8:30 on the morning of August 19!!!  Now let's all hope and pray we make it 3 more weeks and that baby girl plumps up (and that momma stops getting so plump).


Megan and David said...

Hang in there, Lindsey. You have a lot of people praying for you!! XOXOXO

Erin said...

Lindsey- you should try to stay off your feet and lay around. I had a pre-e scare too, but I will be honest with you... you have more symptoms than I did. Resting off your feet allows your blood pressure to rest a little and give more blood flow to Kate... in turn helping her get bigger. I'm not doctor, obviously... but thats what I was told. Can't wait to "meet" Kate!! Email me if you have questions :)

Melissa said...

Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you! (In a training all day, hence haven't been on IM) Love you!!

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