July 4, 2010

Cankles, Date night, and 4th Of July!!

Meet my cankle:

Yes, that would just be a singular cankle - I am only sporting this bad boy on my left foot/ ankle - and only after several hours of being outside or on my feet.  I mean, what better way to start a holiday weekend than with a cankle that is huge, painful, and ugly?  I'm thinking my new friend is here is stay for the next 6 weeks...

I rocked the cankle though and got all dressed up for date night with Al on Friday.  We headed to one of our favorite places to grab dinner here in town, La Griglia and ate way too much food.  I thought my super smooshed stomach that can only handle a few bites at a time would cowboy up and allow me to eat tons of yummy bread, seafood tortellini, and yummy dessert.  For the record, I was wrong and it did not cowboy up.  I was in so much pain by the time we left the restaurant that it took all of my strength to make it back to the house and get in the bed without getting sick.

But, it was all worth it since I got one of my favorite desserts ever - creme brulee with fresh berries served in an almond brittle bowl - it is heavenly!

We spent all day yesterday down in Galveston with some friends.  It was a ton of fun minus the down pour of rain that started while we were on the beach.  The guys got soaked loading everything up!  We spent the rest of the day back at our friend's house playing corn hole, that super hard rope and ladder thing (you know where you throw the ropes with balls on them and try to wrap it around the little ladder - yeah I suck at that game big time), and just hanging out!

Alex is out fishing this morning and I am cleaning the house up and working on KB's room (KB is my new compromise on what to call the baby - I say it stands for Kate B and Alex says it stands for Katie Beth - either way we can both just say KB and feel victorious).

We are headed downtown to see Pat Green play and to watch the most amazing firework show you will ever see tonight!  Houston has the largest land based firework show in the nation and it is wonderful!  We can walk down to the show so, I'm sure Mr. Cankle will be making an appearance as well!

I hope everyone has an amazing 4th of July - and please remember those that allow us to maintain our Independence!  Thank you too all of our friends and family that are working hard to keep us safe! 

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Lindsay said...

that dessert looks amazing!

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