July 26, 2010

Working from home is dangerous!

So, we had an eventful weekend here in Houston.  Well, it wasn't eventful in a fun way - it was eventful in terms of thinking this baby may come early.

Alex and I headed to Babies R Us to pick up a few things Saturday evening.  The more we walked around, the worse I felt.  I started to have painful contractions that were starting in my lower abdomen and wrapping around to my back.  We came home and I rested and they went away.

Well, Sunday morning I woke up to the same pain.  It came and went from 7am until I was finally able to take a 1 hour nap around 11.  I woke up feeling so much better.  Around 5pm I was feeling so good that I got up and started doing things again only to start contracting within about 15 minutes of being on my feet.

So, I am now pretty much on modified bed rest.  I can go to work, sit at my desk, come home, and sit on my couch.

I went into this office this morning but started feel very off around lunch so I am working the rest of the day from home. 

Now, on to why working from home is dangerous...

I have full access to my refrigerator and pantry.  I have eaten so much - and baked some brownies.  And ate some brownies.

I'm hoping my half days in the office and half days at home don't result in a ridiculous amount of weight gain! 

But, anything to keep Kate cooking for 3 more weeks!  I'm anxious to have my appointment tomorrow and make sure everything is looking good - I'm praying that I am not making any progress on the labor front and that the contractions are just going to be aggravating until we deliver in August!


Momma Wilson said...

I'll be thinking about you! I remember being in your shoes all too well!!! Cook baby cook:)

Nanny said...

Hope everything will remain well. Stock up on fruits and veggie trays and low cal snacks.

Lindsay said...

Its getting so close!!

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