August 23, 2010

First Bath at Home!!!

We experienced our first bath at home tonight!

Let's just say, Katie (yes, it looks like we have a Katie on our hands - that is a post for another day) was not a fan.

We started off only slightly mad

Then got super pissed off

Then calmed down for a nano-second

But fussed some more before it was all over

We both crashed after the big event.  Please notice that Katie decided to let me know that my bathing skills suck by spitting up and peeing on me. 

After resting up a bit, we got in our first round of tummy time.  My beautiful bright eyes!

I am hoping that we get more comfortable with everything over the next week.  Last night was hard - we were up with a screaming baby for about 3.5 hours.  It is hard to listen to your baby cry, try everything you know to do to calm her, and have nothing work.  Hopefully tonight will be much better.  Alex needs sleep as he is going into the office tomorrow and I just don't want to watch my baby be unhappy.

I'm working on a big post about our time at the hospital - hopefully it will be up tomorrow!


kim said...

Thank you for all of these pictures. I can't get enough of her!

My girls didn't like baths until about 3 months old. Ugh.

Nights will get better soon. Hang in there, my friend!

(Dying to know about calling her Katie...)

Momma Wilson said...

hang in there momma, it gets better! you'll be able to soften her cries before you know it:)

Megan and David said...

I am very interested in this Katie situation.

I will have to train myself to not refer to her as Kate!!

Bath time will get more fun as time goes on. She is a precious little angel and I love all the pictures!! Keep 'em coming!

Ashley Traylor said...

I LOVE her head full of hair! She is ADORABLE!!!! I also can't wait to hear the story of how she became to be a "Katie!"

shay said...

Beautiful! The pics are great!! I am sure things will get easier! & Yes I too am intrigued!!

Erin said...

Mason hated his bath and being naked for the first 2 months or so, totally normal!

Need to hear how she became a Katie!! :)

Lindsay said...

She's precious!

Melissa said...

Those last 2 pictures are so precious! Not that all of them aren't - those 2 are just particularly cute!

~Brit said...

The second pic makes me giggle! (Sorry) Also, Madelyn saw her crying and, after me telling her who it was, she said "Oh, baby Katie's crying. Awe." They'll be great football buddies :) On another note, I know I have said this about fifty times now, but she is absolutely precious! Seriously! I promise I wouldn't just say that if I didn't think so. Hope you guys are doing well!

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