August 21, 2010

First Family Photo!

Since Alex wasn't allowed in the delivery room and I have been on massive amounts of pain medicine over the past 2 days, we didn't get around to taking a picture of the three of us until tonight!

I still have pregnancy fat face, my hair is a mess, but we are super tired but loving every minute of our time with Kate!!!

We are hopefully going home tomorrow - I am ready to get out of this hospital.


Jennifer said...

Umm WHATEVER! I wish that I had looked as good as you after my c-section. What a beautiful family.

shay said...

Great pic!! You look fabulous!! Kate is beautiful!! Congratulations!!

KJJ Houston said...

beautiful family!!! Congrats!

MJ said...

You look great!! Beautiful family!

Megan and David said...

So beautiful!! A perfect first family photo : )

KJmashup said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you! You look great!

Beanie said...

You look fantastic, what are you talking about?!

Big hugs.

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