August 26, 2010

Happy One Week!!!

I am the proud mom of a one week old!  She is growing up way too fast!  This past week has absolutely flown by! 

We had a busy day on Katie's first "birthday".  Baby girl got the party started at about 2am and stayed up until about 4.  She wasn't screaming but she just wouldn't settle.  And she picked the one night this week that Alex desperately needed sleep seeing as he had a 6am meeting at work.  She finally gave in but it was a long night for this momma!

There wasn't much resting this morning either as my mom had to get Sadie and Oliver off to doggie daycare and I had to make myself look good enough for professional pictures.  Let's just say that a sweet 7 day old is much better for the camera than a 7 day postpartum woman. 

We had a great time with our photographer for our newborn session.  Alex was even able to sneak away from the office for a little bit and we got some (what I am hoping are) great pictures of the three of us!  After Alex headed back to work we started the marathon (5 hours) session with the baby.  She is just so cute - I know I am biased but I think she is such a pretty baby! 

While the session was great - and I am so glad we did it - I think Katie was a bit over stimulated by all of the moving, posing, etc and was a little cranky this evening.  Hopefully she is so tired that she will sleep awesome tonight!

I can't wait to share pictures from today!

We also went on our first family walk tonight!

Ready to go - having trouble standing up straight due to some pain I'm having today - and wishing my belly would go away.

Blogger will not upload this rotated - but here she is stretched out in her bassinet!

All 5 of us (Sadie is hiding)!!

All tuckered out after our big day!

So, here is the short version of the great nickname debate.  I called the baby Kate from the day we decided to name her Katherine.  I loved the name (and still do).  However, when my tiny little baby was born, she just didn't seem like a Kate.  She is such a small little thing and Kate seems like such a proper, big name.  I still refer to her when blogging, e-mail, talking to someone else as Kate since I was so accustom to doing that.  But, I haven't really called her Kate her to face - it just doesn't seem right.  I am using pet names (precious pumpkin, sweetie, cutie pie) and sometimes calling her Katie.  I'm still hoping that we have that "ah-ha" moment with what to call her - but until then, I will probably flip-flop between Katie and Kate!  her Daddy is 100% sure she is a Katie - I guess that means he was probably right all along!


kim said...

I love her sleeper!

And 5 hours?! Wow! No wonder she's tired! Sweet girl. Can't wait to see pics!

Megan and David said...

Katie it is!!

Rest up, momma! Sounds like you had a very busy day.

I can't wait to see the newborn photos!!

Beanie said...

You look FANTASTIC!!!!

Kelli T. said...

Wow, you look great!

Lindsay said...

She's precious!

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