December 24, 2010

New Christmas Traditions: Zoo Trip!

Alex was off work yesterday and was also not on call (this is amazing - his schedule has been insane so to be in Houston and have a few days without work obligations is unheard of) so we decided to have a family fun day.

We thought it would be nice to use our Zoo Membership and check out the new African Forest section. It just opened this month!

We had a great time even though Kate slept through most of the trip.

She was awake for the chimps though.  These guys are too funny!  I really think they were on something as they were putting on quite a show.

This guy, Willie, is the youngest chimp in the exhibit (there are 10 total - Willie is 6 years old and the baby of one of the two chimp families at the zoo).  He stood on this rock and played peek-a-boo with the kids.  He would start banging on the glass if no one was paying him attention!

Kate was mesmerized by the action of the chimps.  She watched them play for a solid 10-15 minutes!

Daddy and Kate enjoying the zoo:

We fed the giraffes lettuce.  Well, I fed them lettuce while Kate slept.

Kate slept through the lions, tigers, cheetahs, and other monkeys but was awake to see the elephants.  The Houston Zoo currently has two baby elephants that are precious!

She wasn't quite sure how she felt about the big elephants.

We also visited the bird house and the reptile house. 

"OMG Mom - why are you putting me next to this big, scary snake?"

We had a blast and we are hoping to make a visit to the zoo a Christmas tradition! 


Megan and David said...

How fabulous to live in Houston and be able to to do something like that at Christmas!! Looks like fun! : )

KJJ Houston said...

I love the Houston Zoo, we are going to get a membership this year b/c I think Jack will finally be able to use it! So exciting!

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