January 28, 2011

Beautiful Day!!

The weather has been absolutely beautiful today!  The high was in the mid 70s and it was so sunny!

We were all set to head to the Zoo with a few friends but, the girls' nap schedules got a bit messed up so, we decided to just head to a local park as soon as everyone was awake and happy. 

Kate's schedule was off because she decided that she would rather study for a Cisco certification with her Daddy than sleep last night.  She was up until about 10 last night. 

We went to a park in The Heights - a historic neighborhood in Houston.  The park is only about a 5 minute drive from our house and I know we will be back! 

We met up with Lori and Noor and also met some new friends - Trish and her daughter Lila! All three of the girls loved the swings!  Kate was very chill and relaxed while swinging.

We weren't at the park for long because it was very sunny and we were all worried about the girls getting burned.  Yeah, we didn't realize how hot/ sunny it was and forgot hats, sunscreen, etc.  I'm new to this whole summer baby thing - I've got to rethink what I pack in the diaper bag for these warmer days.

Kate was super happy when we got home and cheesed it up for the camera!  She makes 13 pounds look super chunky here!

I love the outfit she has on but, it has made me realize that Janie and Jack clothing runs HUGE.  I know Kate is small for her age but this outfit is size 0-3 months and the pants were still baggy. 

We are headed to the Houston Auto show this evening with our friends Andrew and Julia.  I think this will be the 3rd or 4th year that we have gone together! 


Christie said...

I think someone might have pretty red hair like her momma. :)

SweetSpiller said...

she is just darling!

Megan and David said...

She is looking so old to me. Growing up very fast!

And I love that she and Jack weigh the same. He is so fat!!

KariBeth and Josh Gentry said...

I love Janie and Jack clothes, and yes, I found that they run big as well! Lila still wears the 6-12 month size and she is 20 pounds. Kate looks so precious, as usual!

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