January 14, 2011

Random Musings...

Just some randomness....

*My hair is falling out in ridiculous quantities.  I realize some of this is postpartum related but I'm thinking a lot of it is stress related.

*We have officially started the nanny search and it is just an extra stress in my life.  I will be returning to work 20-25 hours a week in early March (so that means I will actually be in the office for probably 30 hours a week since my company likes to over work employees).  Most nannies don't want part time work.  I'm thinking we will probably hire someone for 30-35 hours a week so that I have time to get things done while someone tends to Kate.  We aren't totally sure about that though.

*Kate hates to sleep unless she is being held.  And she has some medical issues that might be impacting her sleep.  So, there is no chance I am letting my sick child cry it out.  This makes for a tired momma. 

*No sleep, nanny stress, and sick baby stress have me losing a ton of weight.  At least something positive is coming out of all of this.

*Alex and I are trying to figure out a weekend to go visit some of my besties (one of which married Alex's fraternity brother - I am to thank for that little match!) for a few days away from Houston.  I'm excited just thinking about it.

*We had an awesome playdate with one of our Gymboree friends today and I am looking forward to many more to come. 

*I am in the middle of planning a baby shower for one of my dear friends here in Houston.  I'm having fun planning it and cannot wait to shower Susannah and baby boy!

*Kate is teething big time.  Her two bottom teeth are right under the skin - I can see them and we are just waiting for them to pop through.

*It's been super cold in Houston this week so we have been enjoying  jammie days.  Kate loves when she gets to play in her jammies all day.  Proof:


Whitney said...

I hope you find a nannie!

Jenna said...

Her hair looks SO red here!!!

Megan and David said...

I love her red hair!!!

And if I lived in Houston, I would watch Kate for you. I mean, what would one more baby be?? Ha!

Erin R. said...

Love that baby! She is such a cutie! Some days she screams Alex baby..but in this pic she is all Linds! And we are digging bullet #5! So excited!

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