January 30, 2011

The Great Crib Transition!

We have been transitioning Kate into her crib (in her nursery) for the past week and a half.  It has been quite the adventure...

Alex and I got in a REALLY bad habit of putting Kate to sleep on the couch in the living room.  We would move her to her pack n play or our bed when we were ready to go to sleep.  This worked great when she was a sleepy, little baby.

It doesn't work so much with a 5 month old who wants to see what's on the TV, play, and do anything except sleep. 

It was just too overstimulating.  So, we started the great transition.

I am 100% against letting a baby cry it out.  It just won't happen in my house.  So, getting Kate comfortable in her crib has been tiring. 

The first night I was in her room every 3-5 minutes for a solid three hours putting the paci back in, turning on her seahorse, etc.  But, she did finally go fall into a deep sleep!

Up until last night she was sleeping from about 7:30 - 1 or 2am in her crib.  She would wake up and we would bring her down to our room to either sleep in her pack n play or in our bed for the rest of the night as she would wake up every hour until the morning.

However, last night she slept in her crib from 7 - 6:45 this morning!!!  I didn't sleep all night as I woke up at 2 and again at 5 freaking out that she was still asleep.  And yes, I went up to her room (her nursery is on our second floor) to make sure she was still breathing!!  This is the first time Kate has slept through the night in probably 3 months.

While I don't think she will sleep all night long every night, I am glad that she is starting to feel comfortable and secure in her own room.

I have a new list of mommy must haves now that Kate is sleeping in her own room!

Video Monitor

We have a Summer Infant Monitor and I love it.  I love that I can see if Kate is waking up, moving in her sleep, or starting to get upset.   I don't know if I would have ever moved her out of our room with out this.  I don't think this would be necessary if your master and nursery were close.  But, we are downstairs and Kate is upstairs so it is necessary for us.
Sound Machine

We have the Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine and use it on the white noise setting right now.  I have no clue if Kate would sleep without having background noise but, we've been using it since putting her in the nursery and it works - so I'm not going to stop!  The Graco machine has several different sounds as well as a port to plug in an MP3 player to play your own music.  It's pretty affordable too!
Swaddle Me Blankets

I was not a fan of these when Kate was smaller.  I preferred square flannel blankets (that my mom made) for swaddling.  However, now that Kate moves all over the place when she sleeps, it is necessary to have a swaddle velcro'd into place!  We swaddle from the arms down (Kate loves having her hands free but still likes the security of being swaddled) and these blankets still work great. 
I love that no matter how much Kate rolls (she is seriously all over the place at night - on her side, on her tummy, on her back, on her side again) her swaddle doesn't come undone.
Soothe and Glow Seahorse

I've talked about Kate's seahorse before as we have been using it since she came home from the hospital.  We still love it and her seahorse has made the transition to the crib with her!  My only complaint is that I wish it would stay on longer! 
I'm hoping that we have a consistent crib sleeper by the time I go back to work (March 1)!!


Whitney said...

Peyton adores his blue seahorse. We have been through five and probably $100 worth in batteries, but it was all worth the trouble.

SweetSpiller said...

I LOVE the swaddle me blankets even though James has out grown them but when he was first born they were awesome!

Kristi said...

We have a seahorse for each one and 2 of the video monitors...I don't know what I'd do without the video monitor! Our bedrooms are on the same floor but its great for when we are downstairs hanging out and they are asleep upstairs!

kim said...

Ugh, I'm jealous Kate sleeps in her crib! Lucas screams bloody murder. Mommy-0, Lucas 1,919

nikinikinine said...

I want to put the twins in their cribs now and Joe is giving me a hard time about it. I started napping them in their cribs and they are fine in there. I figure it's one less transition. I almost won the "argument" and then their growth spurt hit and they are up 8 times at night, Niki = epic fail. I'm hoping that once they hit the PNP max weight for two babies in the bassinet that we can move them over. I'm so ready for the baby pterodactyls to have their own space and for me not to jump every time they squeak.

Congrats on making the transition!

SWV said...

I am so behind on my blog reading, but I just wanted to say "woot!" for Kate sleeping through the night!

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