February 10, 2011

Rubber Ducky!!

After the flood of 2011 (AKA my child) splashed through our bathroom last night we decided that it was time to put up our beloved whale tub and put Kate in the big girl bath tub!

Of course, we weren't completely ready for the big bath just yet so we blew up Kate's duck tub, pulled out some bath toys, and cried celebrated that my baby girl is almost 6 months old and growing up!

Kate absolutely loved the new tub!  She splashed, sat up, relaxed, played with her toys, and had a big time!

What Mom?  Why are you bothering me with that camera?

These toys are so fun!

Chillin in my duck!

I cannot believe how big my baby is getting!  How is it possible that she will be 6 months old next week?

We are heading back to the pediatrician tomorrow as Kate just can't seem to kick this respiratory virus she's had for almost 10 days.  She is still so snotty and has a bit of a cough.  I'm hoping she starts feeling better soon!


Jennifer said...

How cute! Isn't the ducks quack totally scary sounding, lol. My little guy seems to love it though.

Lindsey B said...

Yes! It totally freaks our dogs out too!

kim said...

Lucas LOVES that tub! He goes nuts. I celebrated/cried the move to the big kid tub, too.

Ben and Katie said...

Oh my goodness...small world! They met when they were both stationed in WA...we went to his wedding in LA!
Your daughter is cute...we share the exact same name! :)

Lindsay said...

OMG she's almost 6 months?!? time if flying!

Megan and David said...

6 months seems so big to me...I feel like time is going so quickly right now. I wish we could pause time for a little bit! I love her - she is adorable!!

Christie said...

What a little sweetie!

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