April 19, 2011

Eight Months!!!

Happy 8 months Kate!!!

Eight month stats:
Weight: I'm guessing close to 17 pounds
Length: No clue
Size: a variety - some 3-6 still fits but some 9 month fits as well.  I hate how there is no consistency in clothing sizes for babies!
Diapers: Still in a size 3

What Kate is up to at eight months:
*She has mastered crawling and is in to everything.
*Kate can pull up and cruise around a bit.  She is also a huge daredevil and gives me multiple heart attacks a day.  Like today during our little 8 month photo shoot.  Who needs to sit and smile when you can lunge off of a chair and stand up?

*Her favorite toy right now is probably her  Leap Frog Learn & Grove Music Table.  Ours has green legs though!  I love that we can easily remove the legs and let Kate play with it while sitting down.  Even though she doesn't like to sit much at all these days.

*We've started teaching sign language and I hope she starts to pick up a few signs soon!
*She will give you a kiss (more like slobber/ suck on your cheek) if you ask her to!
*Kate is eating two meals of solids a day (usually purees) and we had started to give her more and more finger foods.  She loves Plum Organic Puffs and is starting to get the hang of softer foods like steamed carrots and peas.
*The biggest change, is that Kate has been sleeping through the night for the past 3 night!!!!  I am hoping we keep this trend up!!
I'm sure she will be really cruising around, standing without holding on to anything, and possibly walking by the time her 9th month rolls around!!!


Lauren said...

HOW are our babies already 8 MONTHS OLD?!? It is too crazy to me!

Kate seems SO much more advanced than C. She has zero interest in doing anything but sit. {there I go comparing babies again}

I love the last picture of her little hand grabbing the food!

Also, thanks to you, Claire is getting the Fisher Price remote in her Easter basket. I LOVE how you link all of K's favorite toys on your posts. It makes it too easy to buy them ;)

kim said...

i love that first picture! Happy 8 months, pretty girl!

Lindsay said...

Precious pictures! Kate is just so cuddly and sweet! Okay, not to be so nerdy, but what program do you use to edit? And what you shoot "on"- I'm trying to figure this out! YAY for sleeping through the night- so magical!

Lindsey B said...

Mrs. D - Claire will catch up!! I tell myself that the good Lord has made Kate so advanced with her physical milestones since we are dealing with so many internal health issues. I would be a total wreck if she was sick and not doing things as quickly as she is!

Lindsay- I shoot in manual mode only. I haven't ventured into custom white balance but I control everything else for each picture - ISO, shutter speed, aperture, etc. I only do basic editing right now in picasa. I'm trying to learn lightroom but I just can't seem to find the time.

Jessica said...

What a big girl! I love that picture of her sweet little hand! Yay for her sleeping through the night!! Doesn't that feel wonderful after going so long without a full night's sleep? Riley still wakes up sometimes at night-not cool. At least Averly sleeps though!

Megan and David said...

She is getting so big! And yes, she is very advanced! Go Kate!

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