April 13, 2011

Long Day but so Blessed!

Today has felt like the longest day ever. 

Work is killing me right now.  I am part time but doing a full desk of work.  Meaning, the person I am replacing was a full time employee.  And no job tasks have been taken away.  It is brutal right now. 

Yesterday, I left the house without even seeing Kate.  And today I was at the office for over 10 hours. 

The worst part is that I have no room to complain because Alex has been working CRAZY hours.  I'm talking he worked 16+ hours yesterday and was at the office from 1-4 or 5 am due to some major IT outages within our company. 

To any new readers, Alex and I work for the same oil and gas company but we work in different departments.  He's an IT guy and I am in Finance.

The best part of my day is coming home and scooping up my sweet girl!  She was so happy to see me today!  I didn't even care that she drooled all over my expensive suit that I just picked up from the dry cleaner.  Nor did I care that she spit up all over my silk blouse. 

While I love working, I am feeling a bit sad about some of the things I am now missing at home.  Kate is officially pulling up on any and everything.  She is also cruising around - meaning she can walk around her music table or the coffee table when holding on.

She has also discovered the joy of dog balls.  She will even throw them for Ollie.  It is the cutest thing ever.  Until she puts a nasty ball that is covered in dog slobber in her mouth.

But, I can forget all of the nastiness of dog balls in the mouth when I see this sweet smile!

And even though I have been working way more than planned, we are so blessed to have Danielle (the nanny) in our lives!  Not only does she love my child like her own - she also texts with me about American Idol!  She even was up to date on the "Are Haley and Casey dating" gossip!

How did I get so lucky?

We really are so incredibly blessed - and I hope that Danielle realizes how much she means to us.  I would not be able to function at the office if it weren't for her love and dedication to Kate.  She is such a God send!


NicB said...

I am an emotional wreck lately anyway, but this just brought tears to my eyes! I am so happy that your family has found this blessing!

Christie said...

SO happy you guys found the perfect nanny for your family!

Nicole said...

Love that you found someone like Danielle, how awesome!

Jessica said...

I can't imagine working 16+ hours! Whew! TAG has to pull those long days sometimes too. That is so nice that you have Danielle though & you know Kate is in good hands! Hopefully things will calm down for you soon. And I totally know how you feel. I work PT, but have a FT workload. Ugh.

Unknown said...

I work from home, but I'm actively looking for a job outside the home. It's a little sad to think about and it will definitely be an adjustment!

Lindsay said...

She is just too cute! Hope things slow down for you both at work!

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