April 25, 2011

Our Easter in Pictures!

We had a great first Easter!  I am busy getting today cleaning, working (yes I am working on my day off - ugh), and playing with Kate.  So, a quick post with pictures is all I have in me!

In her pretty Easter dress (that she hated)!

This look pretty much sums up how Kate felt about her dress.

We ditched the dress while opening her Easter basket!  She was instantly happy when the dress came off!  Kate's Great Uncle Frank made her basket - he has made every grandchild and great grandchild on my side of the family an Easter basket for decades!

Kate's basket was filled with her favorite snacks (puffs and freeze dried fruit) and clothes!!  She couldn't wait to get to the puffs and just started eating the eggs!

After changing into a new outfit from the Easter bunny, and taking a nice long nap, Kate was energized and ready to play!!

I cannot get over how perfect she is!

Alex took a few pictures of me and Kate and I love them!!  I did some test shots to get all of the camera settings just right, figured out where the best lighting was, and told him all he needed to do was zoom in/out and click!  He didn't master the zoom part but otherwise, they are great!

I love this picture so much!  I think it is one of he best pictures of Kate and I that we have!  I've cropped it (because we were totally caught in the act of watching Fox News), sent it to print, and plan on framing it!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter as well!!!


Jen said...

Absolutely LOVE Kate's pouty face in the Easter dress picture. That is hilarious!

Lauren said...

HAHA! OH MY WORD, that second picture KILLS me! She is so expressive. I'm glad you guys had a fun Easter!

Christie said...

I am in love with that pic of you and Kate! Definitely frameworthy!

Shannon said...

That second picture made me laugh, she is so cute!

And I think I have the dress you are wearing in the picture with Kate :)

Glad ya'll had a good Easter!

Katie said...

Adorable photos! I love the one in the pink polka dots with the toy-so adorable.

Nicole said...

Ha! that second picture is hilarious! too cute!

mommy baum said...

Kate is beautiful, and your photos of her are gorgeous! ;) I love all her expressions, and of course, all her outfits. ;) What a precious family!

Jessica said...

That second picture is SO stinkin cute! She is pretty no matter how miserable she was in her Easter dress!

Thanks for your sweet comment! You are too funny! I was excited to see what Kate wore too, I knew it would be just precious! I hope y'all had a great Easter!!

Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous photos! Love the picture of you and Kate. I love Kate's Easter dress even if she didn't like it. Very cute!

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