April 3, 2011



We have officially booked our first family vacation!  Kate, Alex, and I will be spending 10 amazing day in Hawaii in November.  We will be spending time with some amazing people we are blessed to call best friends as well as island hoping while we enjoy paradise!

Hawaii will always hold a special place in our hearts.  We started the medication for our IVF cycle that blessed us with Kate while there in November 2009. 

Two years after we started the process to attempt to grow our family via our second IVF cycle, after heartache and loss consumed us for years, we will bring our beautiful miracle back to the place where it all began.  (Sidenote: I spent half of our vacation injecting myself with 3 shots a day - it was oh so fun and I was super hormonal!)

Is that full circle or what?

We will take her to see the famous waves of the North Shore

Hike up Diamond Head to give her the best view of Waikiki possible

And of course, take her to Pearl Harbor to teach her about such an important part of American history.  We will actually be staying on Ford Island with our dear friends, Dustin and Ashley, for part of our trip.

All of these pictures are from our trip in November 2009.  I finally got around to editing some of them...1.5 years later!

We are so excited about this trip!!

And maybe we will be prepping for a frozen embryo cycle for baby #2 when we are there!


Amy @ Woodlawn Lane said...

Those are gorgeous pictures! Now I want to go to Hawaii! lol

Jennifer said...

Ahhhh! How exciting! 10 days in Hawaii= amazing & I'm so jealous! We're taking our first family vacation at the end of May. We're doing a 5 day cruise to the Bahamas. I'm excited! We would have preferred Hawaii, but that would have been much more expensive. I think that your last sentence was the most exciting though. Come on babies!

~Brit said...

Jealous. I was going to say No Further Text until I got to the very bottom and read what you marked through.... Serious or just messing with my emotions?!?!?

Christie said...

Gorgeous pictures, and so excited you all will get to enjoy Hawaii as a family!!

Jessica said...

What a special place to take Kate on her first vacation! And I love Hawaii! It's so beautiful! I'm excited for you!

Nicole said...

Jealous and excited for you!!! I loved Hawaii, and would definitely go again if it wasn't a +10hour flight. AHH!
And that last line - O.M.G! I'm praying for you!

Emily said...

Looks amazing. It will be such a fun family vacation!

Megan and David said...

Don't mess with my head like know I'm way too excited for another little addition to your family!

And I can't wait to hear how miss Kate likes the beautiful beach!

Lindsay said...

What a great trip!

Momma Wilson said...

I don't know which is more exciting, the trip or plans for #2:)

KariBeth and Josh Gentry said...

I LOVE the last line! I can't even imagine the pain and ups and downs that come with IVF. It is so special that you get to take Kate back to where it all began for her! How special!! So happy for you!

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