June 10, 2011

Butterfly Garden!

I just wanted to document these pictures before I forgot about them!  I can't believe they are a week late - well, I can given the week we've had.  I guess I need to realize that my new normal is going to me less blogging and more researching about Kate's transplant.

Just a quick note - our appointment Thursday went well.  I was confused about what was happening so we didn't meet the coordinator.  But, we met several nurse and they all fawned over Kate.  She seriously worked the BMT unit like it was her job.  She ever gave a huge smile and showed off her dimple during her blood draw.

She is a smarty and knows that she needs to be making friends with her nurses!

Ok, back to the butterfly garden.  Last Saturday we took Kate to the Museum of Natural Science.  She wasn't feeling great and wasn't really in to it.  But, we had fun and got out of the house for about an hour which was nice!

Kind of crazy to think that this was our last carefree family outing.  Yes we knew something was wrong with Kate's blood, we've known that for 8 months.  But, knowing what it is, and what needs to be done to fix it, has changed everything.

I just pray we have many more carefree, but of course thankful, family outings in the coming years.

Daddy teaching KK all about bugs.  Gross!

Watching the butterflies fly all around!

She spotted a butterfly and had to go touch it.  Such a rule breaker trying to chase and touch the butterflies!  Ignore how pasty white I am please.

Kate looks so big to me in this picture.  She was too nosey to actually look at me because god forbid she miss something but, I can't get over how much she looks like a toddler.  My little baby is growing up fast!

I've been told by pretty much everyone that Kate has big feet.  I guess only time will tell if she will be able to borrow my normal shoes or will need to raid her Lala's closet to find some boats to wear.

We won't have any more news on the treatment front for at least a week.  I will keep everyone posted though.  As always, thank you for the continued prayers!


the workaholic momma said...

These pics are simply precious!!! Glad to hear her appt went well Thursday - praying for you guys!!!

Megan and David said...

Stop it! She looks so old! Adorbs.

Life with me and my crew said...

She is so beautiful. She is in my prayers :)

Oh, I found your blog through the bump, just so you don't think I'm some kind of random stalker :)

Jessica said...

Such a pretty girl! I have been praying for sweet Kate! Keep us updated!

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