June 13, 2011

Sunday {not so} Funday

Didn't you know shiners were the hot, new summer accessory?  Or maybe Kate is just a little trend setter!

Yesterday evening I was playing with Kate and got up for a second to do something quickly.  In the few seconds that I took my eyes off of her, she managed to smack her cheek on our hardwood floors.

I felt, and still feel, horrible. 

Her eye area swelled up and bruised instantly so I call the hematology on-call line.  Since the spot was continuing to swell, and had noticeable blood under the skin, we were sent to the Texas Children's ER.

I'm learning that the only perk of having a sick child is that the ER knows you, and gets you in FAST.  The on-call let the ER know we were coming and used phrases like neutropenic, congenital bone marrow failure, and waiting for a bone marrow transplant which had the ER docs and nurses moving!

We were taken back, saw 2 doctors, had blood drawn and sent to the lab, and had a head cat scan done within 45 minutes. 

The only issue we had was regarding an IV.  Alex and I didn't want an IV started until we knew for sure Kate needed fluids and/or sedation.  Kate doesn't even flinch when she has blood drawn but she freaks the freak out when an IV is placed.

The nurses argued with us for a bit about the possibility of having to prick her twice if we didn't get the IV right off the bat.  And I argued back about how hard an (unnecessary) IV would be on her. 

We won that battle - and I was so thankful that we fought it because an IV was not needed.  Sometimes, momma does know best!

We got the CT and CBC results within about an hour and a half.  Kate's CT was thankfully normal (they were checking for internal bleeding due to low platelets) and her CBC told us that her platelets are still really low (but that isn't new news).

We were in and out within 2.5 hours. Not bad for an ER.

Needless to say I haven't let Kate out of my sight all day - I'm still a bit on edge from the incident and feel horribly guilty that my mistake could have landed Kate in the hospital receiving a platelet transfusion.

I've got to work on controlling my mommy guilt better before we get any further in this journey.  Please pray for that!

On a lighter note, here's is KK pre-shiner - taken yesterday!

A peak at our newest tooth - on the top!  Love her lashes too - I'm praying chemo doesn't steal them from us. And ignore the booger!

We still don't have any more news - and we don't expect to hear anything else for another week.  I will update everyone as soon as we know more.  Thank you so much for the continued thoughts and prayers!


kim said...

You didn't make a mistake, my friend. Don't beat yourself up.

Greg said...

I'm sure she's fine. When I was about 10 months old I crawled off my parents' bed and took the corner of a nightstand to the skull. A couple stitches above my left eye later and I got a 1530 on the SAT. NBD.

Syl said...

shit happens, I know it's hard when it's your tiny little baby. I have one myself and it's so hard to let them venture out on their own and get their scrapes and I can only imagine how much harder it must be for you and Alex. She seems happy and no worse for the wear in the shiner photo. This'll be something she shows off and brags about when she's older.

Jessica said...

Totally not your fault. Kids fall all the time but I know you can't help but feel like it's your fault as the mom. I'm continually praying for y'all. Bless your hearts.

B F said...

DO NOT feel bad! I know how hard that is, but she's a baby learning to walk and will totally get more bumps and bruises as time goes on and those won't be your fault either. Glad you guys took her to the doctor to ease your mind but SO GLAD she's ok!! Love the updates and I'm still always thinking and praying about you guys. I got my swab kit in the mail yesterday for bone marrow donor and already sent it back... all because of your family!!

Stay strong lady!

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