June 19, 2011

Happy 10 Months Sweet Kate!!

My goodness, what a month this has been!  We've celebrated new milestones (walking and teeth) and we've cried about the journey we are about to embark on.  Our tenth month with Kate has definitely been filled with highs and lows.

But, even in those lows (which have been so very, very low - I'm barely holding it together these days - maybe I will do an honest, emotionally charged post about my struggles with everything soon) we have soaked up every ounce of the little diva baby that makes our house a home and fills our hearts with so much joy!

Here is a prime example of said little diva baby.  Kate decided she wanted to lounge during her monthly photo shoot.  I tried to sit her up and she would cry big, fat crocodile tears.  Then she would get back into this position and be all smiles.  Can we say strong willed?

10 month stats:
Weight: 18 pounds 6 ounces
Length: 28.5 inches
Diapers: Still hanging out in size 3 - which she has been in since she was 6 months old
Clothing: all over the place - 3-6, 6, and 6-9 dresses fit.  We need 9 or 12 month rompers/ bubbles since Kate is so long, and we are in 12 month jammies due to length as well!

*The biggest news this month is that you finally has teeth!!!!  Four teeth to be exact!  You cut all of them over the past 10 days and they are so cute!  You can only see 3 teeth in this picture - her bottom left has cut the gums but isn't sticking up much yet.

*Another HUGE milestone is that you officially walk!  You are up to 10-12 steps at a time but still prefer to crawl.  You have no patience (hmm, wonder where you get that from?) and realize that crawling is still the most efficient way to get what you want as quickly as possible!  I am positive you are so advanced in these milestones so you can learn and explore before you start feeling horrible from the chemo and your stay in the hospital.

*You talk non-stop!  Again, who do you get that from?  You may look like your Daddy but man, you are a mini me!  Strong willed? Check.  Loud? Check.  Talks a mile a minute?  Check.  Determined?  Check.  Stubborn?  Check.  Huge heart? Check.  Think you are hysterical?  Check.

*You've also started singing.  Danielle (your amazing nanny) and I have both noticed that you talk and also have a very sing-songy talk that you do when we sing to you!  I hope that you love music as much as I do! 

*Your favorite song is Wheels on the Bus.  If we sing it during a blood draw you smile and try to clap - it is definitely your "comfort" song right now!

*You love, love, love your puppies!  You've always been a fan of them but these days you crack up laughing whenever you see them!  Apparently you and Ollie can communicate without talking - at least that's how it appeared today when y'all were examining your baby doll!  I'm guessing something was odd about her right then?

*You are such a happy baby!  Yes you have your moments but, overall, you are such a joy!  Quite the change from the colicky newborn you were!

I say this every month but I cannot believe we are only 2 months away from the big 1!!  Time is flying!  Days like today, when we celebrated your amazing Daddy and the wonderful 10 months you have blessed us with, make me almost forget the fight we are fighting.

I love you so much sweet girl.  And I promise to always keep you smiling, be your advocate, and give you the world!

Father's Day post coming tomorrow!


Janis said...

Loving me some KK!

Unknown said...

Praying for your family Lindsey as you prepare to face another challenge. I know God will be with you and give you strength, while he brings comfort and healing to Kate. Remember to lean on him.

Christie said...

Happy 10 months sweet Kate!!

Jessica said...

Such a big girl! She sounds so much like Averly-strong willed (hard-headed as we call it!) Her shiner looks like it's getting better & better!!

NicB said...

Happy 10 months!! What a sweetie!

Mrs. B said...

Happy 10 months Kate!! Keeping you guys in my prayers!

Lauren said...

I can't believe she's 10 months old already. AND has 4 teeth AND is walking!! So much has changed in a small amount of time.

The pictures are amazing & she's just a doll, L.

On a side note, I think it would be so beneficial for you and your readers to do a post on how you're feeling with everything going on. You never know who you can help through your struggle :)

Elizabeth said...

Happy ten months, Kate! She is adorable. That smile is precious.

Kate is so lucky to have such an awesome mom. Praying for your sweet family!

Megan and David said...

Happy 10 months, baby girl!! She is so lucky you are her momma. And I am lucky you are my friend!

Kara said...

Happy 10 months precious Kate! She always looks so beautiful just chillin' around the house.

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