June 22, 2011

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday!

Not really up for a post today.  I'm in a funk and just sick of sitting around and waiting.

I want to be doing something.

Make progress towards healing.

Anything but sit around and wait for test results, detailed plans, a donor. 

Ok, enough whining, on to pictures!  This is from Monday!

I catch myself taking tons of pictures of Kate's hair.  I want to make sure I remember it.  I just can't imagine it all gone.

My sweet girl.  She is the reason I keep on fighting.


Jessica said...

Girl. I constantly find myself thinking about y'all during all hours of the day. Just know Kate has so many people praying for her (and you & your hubby as well!)

I could never say that I know first-hand as a Mommy how it would be to watch your baby go through something like this. But I do remember when I was 6 & my sister was 2, she was diagnosed with Leukemia. I was old enough to partially understand that my sister was very sick. I knew it was hard on my parents too. But with lots of prayers, wonderful doctors & the support of family & friends, she made it through without skipping a beat! Precious baby Kate will be the same way! She is such a strong girl!

Even though we've never met IRL, I feel like I know you & your family! If you ever need to just talk, vent, laugh, or cry I will be there for you! :)

Looks like y'all had a great, relaxing Father's Day weekend as well. Y'all deserve it!!

B F said...

I love all your pictures of Kate! She's is just too sweet and too beautiful! And you go on and take all the pictures you want of that beautiful hair! We all love looking at it :)

Keep staying strong!

Christie said...

Lots of hugs Lindsey. I couldn't imagine playing the waiting game with this!

Brandi L. said...

She is just gorgeous. I am thinking of you guys and praying every day. I see in the first photo Kate has the soother pacifier. I don't know how often she takes one but maybe if she will be taking one more during her treatments you may want to get her a Wubanub, the soothers with the stuffed animal attached. It may be comforting to her to hold it. Stay strong and God Bless.

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