June 20, 2011

Father's Day Weekend!

We had an amazing Father's Day weekend celebrating the best Dad ever!!

No need to reiterate but, Alex and I have had quite the emotionally charged past few weeks.  I wanted to make sure that we took time out of this chaos to celebrate the amazing father Alex is.  We decided mid-week that we should head down to Matagorda for a beach trip just to get away.

I am so, so glad we made that decision seeing as we had a phone consult with one of the transplant doctors Friday afternoon.  We just reviewed general information on the call but, we did learn that Kate is going to need a very intense chemo regime during conditioning (the phase leading up to the transplant).  So, Alex and I were a bit bummed after the call.  Time away was just what we needed!

We had such a great trip - it was just for the day but, it was perfect!  Kate slept on the way down which meant Alex and I had almost 2 hours to just talk and enjoy time together.  The drive to Matagorda is so peaceful and reminds me of the many times Alex and I drove from Starkville to Jackson while dating!

Our trip confirmed what we already knew - Kate is a water baby!  She adores the ocean, laughs hysterically when the waves splash her in the face, and just loves the beach environment!

I decided not to bring my big camera as I always stress about getting the perfect picture and don't enjoy the moment - but I did bring Alex's waterproof point and shoot and managed to get a few good snapshots.  If any of y'all are looking for a waterproof camera, I highly recommend this one:

Kate and her amazing Daddy!

Queen of the beach!

Kate and Momma!

My sweet family!

We had a low key Sunday - headed to pick up some food for Kate (um, dairy, egg, soy free is SO hard to find - I am not a fan of infant food allergies), hung out, gave Alex his present, and had a nice dinner!

Kate made Alex a precious homemade book filled with drawings, hand prints, macaroni art (something Alex has talked about getting since the day we found out we were pregnant), pictures of the two of them, and a long list of why he is an awesome Daddy!

Kate giving Daddy his present!

Alex - Kate and I are so incredibly blessed to have you in our life, as the leader of our family!  You are a wonderful husband, father, and friend!  I am amazed by the advocate you have become for Kate over the past two weeks and I couldn't ask for a better partner to fight this fight with.  I know you will do anything to give Kate a second chance at life - we will beat this - and we will be stronger for it.  Kate and I love you so much!


Megan and David said...

Great post! It put me in a better mood! You are blessed!!

Abra said...

Not gonna lie... I'm crying over here. I'm not sure if they're happy or sad tears...probably both. So glad that Kate has both of you with her on this hard journey!

Mrs. M317 said...

::whistles:: You look great in that bikini!! I'm jealous...

But it is such a wonderful thing to see a man and his child - there's no bond like it.

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