August 31, 2011

Favorite Things: Hospital Edition

I am trying to waste some time today!  The minutes feel like hours as we wait for Kate's cells to arrive here in Houston so she can have her transplant.

We found out this morning that Kate's donor actually agreed to donate today so we could have the freshest cells possible.  The cells will then hop on a plane (and not leave the hands of a medical courier) and be flown to Houston!  After they arrive, which is scheduled to be around 8pm, the bone marrow will be processed and prepared for transplant!  Kate's infusion should start around 11pm!

We are feeling very blessed today!  Kate woke up in the best mood and has been so happy all day - I swear she knows today is her big day!  She even got all prettied up in a smocked outfit and a bow!

So, on to Kate's favorite things while in the hospital! 


Kate has always loved books but she is really into those lift the flap books these days!  The Karen Katz books are wonderful and "Where is Baby's Yummy Tummy" is Kate's current fav!


I have been an active member of a wonderful infertility support group for several years.  These wonderful ladies decided they wanted to do something for Kate for her hospital stay.  I was shocked when I received a box of goodies - amazing goodies!  Kate received an iPad 2, birthday cards from so many amazing women, and gift cards to places that are close to the hospital for food/coffee/etc.  They are beyond awesome!

We would not survive without the iPad.  Kate is able to Skype with family, play games (Tap Tap Baby and Peekaboo Ocean are her favs), and watch movies/ shows.  It is seriously a life saver, especially when she is on isolation!

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Learning Kitchen

Kate received this as a birthday gift from Danielle.  She is obsessed with it and plays with it all the time!  Added bonus is that it is super easy to wipe down and sanitize every day!

Praise Baby DVD Collection

I got this DVD collect at one of my baby showers and it has been so useful since Kate was a little baby!  Hospitals are noisy which causes Kate to have a hard time going to sleep.  We put one of these DVDs on for nap time and bed time and the music helps soothe Kate to sleep!  They also calm her down if she gets really upset.  I honestly don't know how we would survive without them!

Baby Stella

This was another birthday gift (from my mom) and Kate loves her baby doll!  She cuddles Stella, hugs her, kisses her, takes her paci, and plays with her all the time!  Obviously this toy isn't specific to her hospital stay but it is something that makes her happy now, and will do the same when we are back home!

Baby Einstein Crib Soother

My mother in law sent this for Kate and it has made time in baby jail the hospital crib more manageable.  I'm not sure what it is with the crib here but, Kate hates it.  Like, hates it more than anything else in the entire world.  It's bad.  But, I have to be able to put her somewhere, and contain her, when I need to do necessary things like go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, etc.  Thankfully Kate will sit and watch the fish/ ocean creatures on this soother for a solid 5 minutes.  That's an eternity to a 1 year old!
She has so many other things that make her happy right now but these are the top this week.  Who knows what will be #1 tomorrow!
I hope this list helps any other parents facing an extended hospital stay with a toddler!


Kristin said...

YAY! I'm glad she is getting those cells ASAP!

Jenn said...

Kate - you are in my thoughts today, little one!

Anonymous said...

I'm continuing to send many, many thoughts and prayers to all of you!!

FEAS613 said...

The marrow doner sounds like a modern day saint!! You are all in my prayers! Hope everything goes well =)

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