August 28, 2011

Day -3: Hives and Wagon Rides

Today was better than yesterday but was not easy by any means. Thankfully Kate's blood pressure wasn't too low this morning! However, she is still pretty swollen and her tummy is hurting her pretty bad.

Due to a few issues Kate had with benadryl yesterday, the doctor on service this weekend wanted to avoid it today. Kate's mood was definitely better (not as irritable) but the lack of an antihistamine resulted in my sweet girl breaking out in hives from the campath. This is, yet again, normal (and why they pre-med with benadryl). Kate's poor face looked pretty pitiful most if the afternoon/ evening.

One thing we've learned about our stay here at TCU is that walking the halls if the BMT unit calms Kate down. She can be miserable and pitching a huge fit and will start smiling and wave the second she hits the halls! Needless to say, we've spent as much time as possible outside if her room today!

Kate took her first (and second) wagon rides today since her walking skills aren't what they were pre-admissions! We made the wagon much cozier the second time around!

Second ride of the day!

Kate has made friends with a sweet 5 year old boy in the unit. Caleb is about 2 weeks ahead of Kate in the BMT process and is so sweet! He brought Kate a pink glow bracelet tonight! And, when we headed out for a walk, Kate saw Caleb, pointed at him, walked over to him (with my help), and gave him a hug! So sweet!

If you could keep Caleb, and all the other kids here in the transplant unit in your prayers that would be great! Caleb is not from Texas so his mom is here with him and they are very far from their support system. I can't even begin to imagine how hard that must be. My in-laws were able to pick a few things up for them a Target today. I know it wasn't anything huge but I'm glad we are able to help out a bit since Houston is our home base.

Tomorrow is Kate's last day of chemo! However, we've been warned that most major chemo side effects don't begin for a week or so after treatment. We've got a long road ahead but at least we are making progress!

For now, I'm off to cuddle this cutie!

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PattyAnn said...

I'm glad she had a little bit of a better day! Y'all are still very much in our thoughts, praying for sweet Kate and her friends.

PattyAnn said...

Glad she had a little bit of a better day, still praying for all of y'all, will be sure to include Kate's sweet friends!

Jennifer said...

Yay for a slightly better day! Those wagon pictures are adorable!

Emily May said...

I want to offer support in any way that I can. I know you must feel very alone at times, and emotionaly and pysically exhausted. Sounds like yall have a pretty amazing medical team! We are praying and continuing to pray for you, your husband and precious Kate! She is so precious and love the wagon pictures! Glad you have met Caleb and have been able to help them to!

Janis said...

She looks so cute squished in the wagon with the pillows and blankets! XOXO

Abby said...

Thank you for spending the time to update us! My heart and thoughts are with you guys!

John & Michelle said...

Still praying in Athens, AL!!! could you let me know some things that might help Caleb and his mom and give me an address to send them to? I would love to help!
Thanks, Michelle

Shannon said...

So precious in her little wagon! I can't believe her last day of chemo is tomorrow, that is wonderful! I pray that she gets her strength back soon. Thinking of your family always.

Liz said...

Always thinking of you, Lindsey, and your sweet little girl. You are an incredibly strong mom.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Best wishes for an uneventful procedure. Prayers to everyone in the BMT unit.

Genna said...

thinking of you guys constantly.

Katie said...

Poor girl. You can tell she's a strong little girl, though. Keep on going, Kate!

Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog and story for a while now and think about your sweet Kate often. I have a daughter who is around the same age and I can't imagine what it would be like to be in your shoes. You are so strong. Tonight I was reading your blog with my daughter in my lap and she leaned down and kissed the picture of Kate on the computer screen. Just wanted to say that we are both sending our love and wishes for a smooth road towards a full life.

Jill Williamson said...

All Kate's cousins in Hattiesburg are looking forward to meeting her.
Everything sounds like that will be happening before we know it.
Always thinging positive, Jill

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