October 7, 2012

Happy 6 Months!

Edit: So yeah. Will turns 6 months on Friday. Apparently Disney had me all out of sorts and I thought yesterday was the 12th. Oops!

Sweet Bubbas-

I cannot believe it has been SIX months since I first saw your precious face. I am certain I will always have vivid memories of that day! There is just something special about the mother/ son bond and I will always cherish the instant connection I had when Dr. Hare lifted you over that blue curtain and I caught my first glimpse of you! 

You complete my motherhood "experience".

You balance out our family.

You make us whole.

I love how laid back you are - you literally only fuss if you are hungry, need a fresh diaper, or want your momma! I secretly love that you need me to truly relax and calm down. I might gripe about it at 2am but deep down, I love that you are the epitome of a momma's boy!

Your smile is simply infectious! I cannot even count the number of people that commented on how beautiful your dimples and smile were while we were at Disney. I'm certain that you could cure world peace if the UN would allow you to smile at the world!

This month you have learned how to blow raspberries. You love to show off this new skill while eating which covers me in peas/sweet potatoes/pears/apples/etc. I honestly don't mind being covered in baby food because whenever you show off your new talent, your precious dimples pop out so much! I just adore those sweet cheeks and those two dimples!

You are also days away from crawling. Your cousins were hoping that the rocking on all fours would turn into crawling this past week so they could witness a big milestone while we were at Disney!

Sweet boy, you've taught me so much in six short months. You have softened my heart. You have made me a better mother to you and your sister. You have allowed me to truly understand the depths of that mother/ son bond. You have made me a better person!

I am so thankful that the Lord chose me to be your mom. You are one special boy and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you!

I love you and will always cherish our special bond!




Lauren said...

Happy 6 month birthday buddy! We loved spending time with you this week and hated saying see you soon.
And yes, that smile is contagious!
We love you, your sister, momma & daddy!

Tiffany said...

awwww, happy 6 months sweet little boy! I would kiss you if I could!

Shannon Dew said...

FIRST of all, how has it been 6 months!? That is crazy to me! Second, he is so cute! I swear he gets cuter each time I see him!

Lucy Marie said...

Happy 6 months (ON FRIDAY) ;)

Lucy Marie said...

Happy 6 months (ON FRIDAY) ;)

Lucy Marie said...

Happy 6 months (ON FRIDAY) ;)

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