November 26, 2012

Houston Zoo Lights 2012

Anyone who has read my little blog for more than a few months knows we are HUGE fans of the Houston Zoo! We live less than 15 minutes from the zoo and love spending time walking around and seeing the animals!

Kate took her first trip to the zoo when she was about 6 weeks old for Zoo Boo back in 2010. Look how tiny she was!

And if you didn't follow my blog back in 2010, I had quite the nick name crisis (hence Katie on her onesie). It took me WEEKS to finally decide to call Kate Kate. We were all over the place when she was born. Is she really a Kate (which we planned on the entire pregnancy)? Should we stick with Katherine? What about Katie? Or Katie Beth? And I can say, nearly 2.5 years into it, I highly doubt Kate will stick. I'm pretty sure she will either go by Katherine or Katie as she gets old enough to vocalize a preference other than TayTay.

Will made his first zoo trip at two weeks! Look at him! So little!

Needless to say, when the Houston Zoo announced the first ever Houston Zoo Lights we were on it! Kate is obsessed with "chris-ums" (anything related to Christmas in toddler speak) and was so excited when we set our tree up.

Before Thanksgiving.

Go ahead.

Start judging.

I dare you.

We didn't tell her our plans until about an hour before we were leaving for Zoo Lights. She could not stop talking about seeing the animals and the chris-ums. I was nervous about taking her since she'd been up since 4:30am and only napped an hour but she was a TROOPER!

We had a bit of a wait in the ticket line when we got there and Kate was totally unimpressed.

Will slept the entire three hours we were at the zoo. I just had to unbuckle his car seat (while clicked into his stroller) to document his outfit! Kate still fits in all of her holiday clothes from last year (hello zero weight gain in an entire year) so I had SheShe Made make Will a coordinating elf shoe longall!

Kate was so excited when we finally made it through the ticket line!

One of the first attractions when you walked in was this light up car that was synced to music. Kate started dancing and sweet girl just couldn't stop! She was so in to it!

Again, not impressed with taking pictures. She just wanted to see the lights!

Kate was amazed by all of the lights! She couldn't believe that there were "dancin chris-ums" and "amal chris-ums"! It was absolutely precious watching her take it all in!

She even got to enjoy her very first funnel cake! Love the spots of powdered sugar on her nose!

Every few feet Kate would stop and say "Yook! Chris-ums! So booful! Awesome! Cool! TayTay lub chris-ums!"

I didn't attempt a picture in front of the Zoo Lights sign when we first entered the zoo because it was way busy. However, by the time we left (around 9pm) Kate was so tired that she could barely keep her eyes open for a picture!

I know we will be back before the end of the holiday season! Kate has already asked me if we can call Colty and see chris-ums with him! If any of y'all are local, I highly encourage you to go to Zoo Lights! It really is a blast. But, buy your tickets ahead of time - lines were insane!  I think you can get them at HEB!

I am certain Zoo Lights will be a tradition in the Boggan house for years to come! What Christmas activities do y'all do every year?


Elizabeth said...

I LOVE their little outfits! We won't be going to any Christmas lighting events this year, but I will definitely have our calendar full next year because I know Addison will love it!!

Unknown said...

This looks like SO much fun! I want to find a place like this by me!

Trisha said...

Wish we lived closer!!

Alyssa said...

So neat! I think the St. Louis zoo does something similar, but it's too flippin cold here to go!

Just had to comment about the nicknames! Our daughter is named Kaitlyn. When I was pregnant, I planned on calling her Katie, but my husband's family was very insistent on her given name, so that's what she always went by. Occasionally, someone would call her Katie, and by the time she was 2, she'd get MAD at anyone who did! Now she's 13, and she's Kate. Who knows what she'll insist on later!

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