November 9, 2012

Where baby daddy?

We have reached the point in verbal development where Kate makes me laugh multiple times a day! The things she says are hysterical to me! Add in how literal a two year old's mind is and she seriously is the funniest little girl ever!

However, that "funny" can quickly turn into mortifying when in public!

Back story:

About two weeks ago we were at the zoo with Natalie and Colt. We were looking at the rhinos who happen to share a habitat with some type of antelope thing (clearly I am not up to date on my species). There was a baby antelope and Kate was so excited! She was all "aw! Yook! Baby amal! So cute!"

While we were talking about the baby, a large male antelope walked up and of course my inquisitive toddler asked "what dat momma?" so I told her that it was a daddy antelope and that the daddy antelopes had long antlers. You know, just trying to help explain things to her.

Well, as we are having that conversation, Kate spotted a younger male that had tiny antlers. Her innocent mind determined that it was a "baby daddy". You know because it was a tiny/ small version of the "daddy" I just told her about.

Makes perfect sense to a two year old.

We went back to the zoo last weekend and as soon as Kate saw the young male antelope she told Alex "Yook! It a baby daddy! So cute baby daddy!"

Flash forward to yesterday.

We were at the Texas Children's Cancer Center. Will had lab work (like he has every 3-4 weeks) to check his counts (that's another story for another day). The Cancer Center has a great waiting area - it's spacious, filled with crafts, kids sized tables, slides, and fun things to keep these warrior kids occupied while they wait.

Kate is obsessed with the carved kids sized animal chairs they have. Whenever we get there she examines each and every animal and then announces what chair she has selected for the visit.

Well, yesterday she noticed there was an animal with big antlers. She walked over to me and said "yook momma - it a daddy!" and then went to go sit in the "daddy" chair.

Not 2 minutes later she was up, running towards me, and screaming "Momma! WHERE BABY DADDY? BABY DADDY ARE YOU? BABY DADDY! BABY DADDY! COME HUR BABY DADDY! TAYTAY WANT BABY DADDY!"

On the inside I was laughing.

On the outside I was mortified that I was holding a baby while my toddler was asking where baby daddy was.

Seriously mortified.

I'm off to brush up on types of antelopes so we can re-name baby daddy to something else this weekend.



Party of Three Heads said...


Kate said...

Oh Boy! Thank you for that great chuckle! Kids are so great!

Holly said...

Oh my gosh, Kate. Thanks for that. I needed to laugh out loud like that today!

Abra said...

I can't stop laughing. Literally. I know it was horrifying for you, but that is seriously the funniest thing I've read all week. I LOVE toddlers!

Julianne @ Bogs and Bows said...

Hahahahaha!! This got real LOL's this morning. I love it

Perfectly Imperfect said...

haha!!! that's hilarious. some of the things these kids come up with can be mortifying!!

Lynsey said...

Tay Tay cracks me up! I love her sweet innocent mind.

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