November 16, 2012

Shop Our Closets!

I'm sure by now y'all all know that I LOVE children's clothing. Especially smocked, appliqued, and boutique clothing! Kate and Will's closets are literally stuffed. We have no more room! I had really good success with the last blog sale I did so I thought I'd try it again in hopes of cleaning out the kids' closets so I can fill them right back up.

I will be adding a few girl things mid-day today. I forgot to get them out of Kate's room last night and the kids both have doctor's appointments this morning so I won't be able to take pictures and update the blog until lunch time.

I have posted pictures and descriptions of items. Prices DO NOT include shipping. Shipping is $2.50 per item. Shipping for each additional item purchase will be $1 per item. Every item is numbered. Please refernece the items you would like by number.

*EMAIL ( the following:
    1) Subject: Blog Sale Number XX
    2) Paypal email
    3) Address if not in Paypal

I WILL NOT ACCEPT "BIDS" VIA BLOG COMMENT. It is simply too hard to keep up with multiple ways to purchase so I will only count emails as official "dibs" on an item.

All invoices must be paid within 24 hours. If item is not paid for within stated timeframe, it will go to the next bidder.  As I mentioned, we will be away from the house all morning. I apologize in advance for not updating the listings as sold. I will update as soon as I get a chance.

NOTE: Things are not in size order. My pictures uploaded out of order and I was too tired to try and fix it all! So sorry!

1) Zu by Petit Ami seersucker surfer van jonjon. Size 6m. Noticed a small pull in the applique when taking pictures - see picture on right for close up. $10

 2) Le Top cotton romper with sailboat applique. Size 3m. $12

3) Remember Nguyen peter pan collar onesie with red gingham piping. Size 3m. Runs big IMO. $5

4) Rock n Smock Em smocked race car jonjon. Size 9m. Never worn. $12

5) Remember Nguyen corduroy romper. Size 6m. Worn for 20 minutes and then I realized it was too short. Runs small IMO. $12
 6) Gymboree alligator romper. Size 3-6m. Worn once. $5
7) Smocked by Stelly Belly whale seersucker jonjon. Size 6m. $14

8) ZU by Petit Ami beach pail appliqued seersucker jonjon. Size 6m. $14
9) Carriage Boutiques smocked airplane long romper (shirt is attached). Size 6m. $14

 10) Carriage Boutiques smocked duck romper (shirt is attached). Flaw in on of the duck's eyes. Picture included. Size 6m. $7
11) Remember Nguyen plaid bubble. Size 6m. Matching sister dress (size 18m) will be added this afternoon. $10

 12) Funtasia too... appliqued frog jonjon. New with tags. Size 6m. $12
13) ZU by Petit Ami seersucker appliqued tutrle jonjon. Size 3m. $12

14) Bailey Boys appliqued watermelon truck bubble. Size 6m. $14

15) Rock n Smock Em smocked flag jonjon. Size 6m. $12

16) Smocked by Stelly Belly animals jonjon. Size 6m. $15

 17) Petit Ami smocked sea turtles jonjon. Size 6m. $15

18) Rock n Smock Em smocked sail boats. Size 3m. $12

19) Rock n Smock Em smocked crabs & lobsters. Size 3m. $12

20) Remember Nguyen seersucker bubble w/ dolphin. Tag says preemie but it is HUGE and fits like a 3-6m. $8

21) Zuccini smocked monkeys. Beautiful - super high quality smocking! Size 3m. $17

22) Remember Nguyen "cat fishing" bubble. Size 3m but run big. $14
23) Kissy Kissy cotton play suit/ bubble. Race car pattern. Size 0-3m. $8

24) Carraige Boutiques Smocked driving bubble. Size 3m. $12

25) Strasburg ribbon appliqued farm jonjon. Size 3m. $14

 26) ZU by Petit Ami appliued bees jonjon. Size 3m. $12

27) Secrect Wishes transportaion romper. One of my FAVS on Will! Size 3m. $14

 28) SheShe Made elephants gown w/ appliqued W. Size 0-3m. Worn once. $12

29) Petit Ami lobster jonjon. Size 6m. $14

30) Carriage Boutiques smocked safari romper. Size 3m. $15

 31) Rock n Smock Em smocked giraffe longall. Never worn. Size 9m. $12 SOLD

 32) Velani by Anavini NWT smocked whales. This is BEAUTIFUL and I am so sad Will never wore it. Size 6m but runs a touch big IMO. $25 SOLD

 33) Petit Smi smocked seersucker sun dress w/ matching bloomers. Size 24m but runs big IMO. Worn once for a few hours but was really too big for Kate. $17

 34) Remember Nguyen NWT green micro check romper. Size 3m but runs big. $12

35) Remember Nguyen NWT plaid romper. Size 3m but runs big. $12

36) Petit Ami smocked plaid long sleeve dress w/ matching bloomers. Size 6m. $14

 37) Carter/s red polka dot dress w/ monogrammed K and appliqued minnie mouse. Size 24m. $8 SOLD

38) Baby Gap quilted jacket. Size 12-18m. $17

39) Carriage Boutiques smocked sun dress w/ matching bloomers. Size 6m. $12

40) Remember Nguyen smocked bubble. Size 18m. One of my favs on Kate this past spring/ summer! $15 SOLD

 41) Remember Nguyen float dress. Matching unisex bubble also available (see #11). Size 18m. $14

42) Remember Nguyen smocked school days bishop. Worn once for about 3 hours. Size 18m. $15 SOLD

43) Petit Ami pink micro check bubble w/ monogrammed Kate. NWT. Size 24m. $15

 44) Gymboree seersucker strawberry bubble. Size 18-24m. Another favorite of mine! $8 SOLD

45) Jacardi red and white striped footed pajamas w/ darling diaper flap! Would be perfect for Christmas! Size 18m. $17

Happy shopping!


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Hi, I haven't heard anything about shipping. Just want to make sure you received my payment on the 16th.

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