November 12, 2012

Menu Monday

I'm not technically linking up with Rachel for Menu Monday this week because she is busy doing things like cuddle her new, sweet baby girl while smelling that amazing new baby smell! Clearly menu Monday is not a priority! But, I actually have a decent menu this week and wanted to share! Here's what we are eating!

Note: Alex went fishing in the Gulf this weekend and came home with his limit of reds and a beautiful flounder! So we are enjoying his catch this week!

Sunday: Grilled red fish, pesto pasta, roasted brussel sprouts

Monday: Eggplant Parmesan, green salad

Tuesday: Baked flounder, roasted broccoli, quinoa with spinach and cheese. The quinoa recipe is one that Lindsay and Lynsey (hello mid 1980s ladies - how many different ways can we all spell our name - Ha!) have tweeted/ blogged and enjoyed! I'm very excited to try it this week - it's been on the menu for a few weeks but I've never actually made it. It's really going to happen this week. Promise.

Wednesday: Meatloaf, salad, garlic bread

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Date night

Saturday: My ILs arrive in town and I'm secretly hoping my MIL takes over my kitchen. I'm kidding. Kind of. But I honestly have no clue as to what we will eat.

What's on your menu this week?

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Anonymous said...

Really looking forward to tonight's dinner! Last week I took a random day off work, which meant we got to go grocery shopping as a family, which hasn't happened in months (good thing, probably, considering how many extras we bought). I found some little bacon-wrapped goat cheeses, which you bake in the oven so they get all gooey, and then Joel found that smoked mackerel is back in season, so we got one of those too, and we'll round it out with some salad, breads to smear gooey cheeses on, and hopefully we've also got a bottle of wine on hand.

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