June 20, 2013

Bald is Beautiful...err...Handsome!

We knew going into this process that Will would lose his hair. Some kids don't lose all of their hair whereas others go completely bald. Regardless, hair loss is inevitable.

We started noticing Will's hair loss Monday evening and by Tuesday is was out of control. I'm talking huge clumps of hair falling out. His room was covered in hair. We had hair in our eyes, in our mouths, tickling our noses. It was a huge mess. Will woke up from his nap and all of the hair you see in my hand was hanging out in his rock n play (where he napped).

Will was blessed with a beautiful head of thick hair. Despite what appeared to be tons of hair loss, he still had SO much hair left on his sweet head. Because of this, Alex and I made the decision to shave his head in hopes of making the "shedding" process less messy. Will was also starting to gag on hair while he was sleeping as it was falling into his mouth. That only made his already bad nausea even worse.

Yesterday afternoon a lady from the Texas Children's Beauty Shop came down to our room and gave Will his first haircut! Will did amazing and watched Mickey while she buzzed away his beautiful hair. I, however, cried ugly tears throughout the entire thing. Something about seeing your child lose their hair because of nasty drugs is just not fun.

I have always dreamed of my kids first haircuts happening at the Barber Shop on Main Street USA in Disney World. I never expected my first experience with having my child's hair cut would be in a hospital. (Kate has never had a hair cut so this was my first time experiencing one of my kids having their hair cut.)

But the Lord had other plans for our family. He knew that this week would be the week extra counting was needed! He knew this week would be the week that the number of hairs on Will's precious head would start to decrease. He knew this and He knows when the number of healthy cells in his body will begin to multiply and flourish.

I am trusting in the Lord's plan, attempting to not be afraid of the journey ahead, and kissing the most precious bald head I have ever seen!


Lauren said...

He is beautiful! Thanks for including all of us in every aspect of the journey! We love you guys!!!

Kit said...

He is so handsome! I am praying for all 4 of you daily. I can not wait for the day that you give us the great news of healthy cells that are multiplying!!! Just keep trusting (I know it must be so hard). We are all here for you, sweet mama!

Cindy said...

He is so adorable with his haircut. Praying his new cells are working hard in his body.

Erin said...

Such a fitting verse for such a handsome boy.

Holly said...

This post brings me to tears! But, he is absolutely adorable with or without it. So precious!

Gina said...

I love love love short hair on boys. (Grown or little.) But thinking about how you must have felt while he was getting it cut made me cry. But? He looks so, so cute. It brings his eyes out even more!

satto said...

How is Will doing? Thinking of you guys every day.

Katie said...

I just found your blog today and have spent the last little while reading about Will and Kate's health journey. I'm so blessed by your positive attitude about everything!! Your boy is so beautiful. I'm praying for quick healing for him and for peace for the rest of you!

Misty said...

i started reading your blog awhile ago, when you were praying for another donor for Will. I have fallen behind on blogging & keeping up with my favorite blogs, so I am playing catch up today. I LOVE this post, & that verse. So sweet. I still keep your sweet Will in my prayers & I am excited to say I signed up for be the match :) Thank you for sharing your family's journey.

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