June 5, 2013

Days -9 and -8

Today is officially Day -7 but I wanted to play catch up and document Will's first few days in the hospital!

One thing I am trying to do this go around is take a picture with my DSLR every day to better document this process. I really wish I had more non iPhone pictures from Kate's transplant journey so I'm hoping to have more "real" pictures of this process for Will.

Here's a glimpse into hospital life thus far! We both need more sleep but hopefully that will come as Will adjusts to the noises and interruptions that come along with living in a hospital and receiving various medications around the clock!

I received several questions about why Will is on anti-seizure medication. The chemotherapy he is receiving right now (Busulfan) comes with a high risk of seizures. In order to decrease this risk, patients are given anti-seizure medication to bring specific levels within the body up to a certain point. Yesterday, despite several doses of meds, Will's level was not nearly high enough which resulted in an additional "loading dose" being administered. The medication caused Will to feel a bit off so day -8 was not Will's best day. I know harder days are ahead of us but yesterday was our first glimpse of Will not feeling well due to medications administered.

There are no major treatment changes today but tomorrow Will begins some pre-work for the switch in chemotherapy that comes on Friday. The drugs he will receive on Friday are awful and kids tend to have immediate reactions. We are not looking forward to this at all.

On a different note, my dad had emergency quadruple bypass surgery yesterday morning. As of the latest update he is still in CVICU and is on a ventilator due to some oxygenation issues. Please pray that he is able to lose the breathing tube and properly oxygenate his blood ASAP!

As always, a huge thank you for the love and support being sent Will's way!!


Anonymous said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear about your dad. I pray he gets better quickly.

I hope will doesn't react too bad on Friday, and that you both get more sleep soon.

I am worried about you and your stress.

Tiffany said...

Will is so strong and he will make it through this! You are going to love later that you documented it! I can't wait to see your first day back home as a family of four.

Julie, an official blogger... said...

He is just precious! I love his 2 little bottom teeth! Lindsey, reading these updates bring back all those feelings again...that your experiencing it again is just unreal. Will is going to do amazing, I just know it. Especially with you as his mama!! What a lucky boy!
I had face booked you a while back asking for your address, I have a little something for them. I know you are beyond distracted but if you get a second could you message me your address??
Take care, and know that your sweet boy is in my thoughts every day!

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