June 16, 2010

29 Weeks!

How Far Along: 29 weeks!

Total Weight Gain: 16.5 pounds as of two weeks ago - I go back next week and will find out where I stand then.
Maternity Clothes: Still the same - bottoms are all maternity, dresses are a mix, and tops of pretty much all pre-pregnancy clothes!

Stretch Marks: Nope

Best Moment this Week: We had a bit of a scare on Friday (I didn't blog about it but I went several hours without feeling any movement and got VERY worried that something was wrong).  Seeing a heartbeat and a moving baby on the ultrasound machine was the best feeling in a world.  And, Kate will be grounded until she is 18 for getting me so worked up.

Movement: All the time! This morning Oliver was propped on my belly and Kate did not like it.  She started kicking him so hard and he was so confused!  I'm betting they will have a love/ hate relationship for a while!

Food Cravings: No
Labor Signs: NO!

Belly Button Innie or Outtie: It's still an innie!

What are You Looking Forward to this Week: Going to a friend's baby shower and being that much closer to my baby shower - which is next weekend!

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Momma Wilson said...

such a cute lil bump! love it:)

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