June 30, 2010

Hospital Bag Help!

So, I realized last night that I really need to start thinking about my hospital bag and what all I will need to pack for not only me but for Alex and Kate as well.

I will either have a scheduled induction or a c-section.  That decision will be made in about 3 weeks depending on Kate's position and whether or not my body is showing signs of being "favorable for induction".  Either way, we will probably be in the hospital 3 nights.

I need help!  So, all of you moms help this pregnant chick out!

I am the type that will want to shower, do my hair, and put on make-up for pictures and visitors so don't waste your time telling me my blow dryer, straightener, and make-up will just take up space.  I am also very modest and don't want to risk wearing something that might allow things to hanging out.

We are still undecided about breastfeeding so I may or may not need items related to that. 

What were your must have items that I probably am not thinking about (like not a camera - that will be there)?  What was great to have for your husband?  What did you bring for the baby?  Am I crazy for wanting to dress her in her own clothes while in the hospital?

Any other tips would be much appreciated!  Thanks in advance!


MJ said...

Obviously I'm not there yet but every person I've talked to has said to make sure you bring snacks for the hubby!!

Erin said...

fun post! my 2 cents: a few change of shirts or shorts for Alex, all comfy clothes. for you....i brought 2 nightgowns and a robe. I would stick to the gowns over pants because the nurses check you all time in the hospital and its just easier access (so yuck i know). i brought one of those bath towels with velcro for the shower and flip flops for sure! its like being on vacation kinda, pack like you are going to a hotel :) kinda pointless to dress kate in her own clothes because like you... they will check her a lot so the less the clothes the easier. BUT bring her cute hats and bows for her head, we brought hats for Mason... and we brought him a few pacifiers. or you can bring her a cute blanket to wrap her in, those are all fine! sooo exciting, hope this helps some :)

Anonymous said...

i dressed Avery in all of her cute clothes while in the hospital and everyone loved her in her sweet dresses! pack Alex snacks and lots of change for the snack and drink machines. i breast fed so I brought my pump. i also brought a heating pad for my back. Good Luck!!! Daphne

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