June 1, 2010

Why hello there 3rd Tri!

I cannot believe that I am more than 2/3 of the way done with this pregnancy!  Where has the time gone? 

Everyone told me that pregnancy drags on for 9 long months but, it has been the complete opposite for me.  I can't even being to figure out how I am 27 weeks pregnant.  I am so excited to be at this point but just really shocked that is has flown by.

I am also slightly sad that it has gone so quickly because Alex and I are 97% sure this will be my only pregnancy.  After everything it took to get, and stay, pregnant, I just don't really have it in me to try that hard again.  So, I am on a mission to really cherish these last weeks of kicks and sleepless night while selfishly having Kate all to myself! (I'll be honest, the thought of sharing her with the world kind of freaks me out - I want all the baby cuddles to myself.)

The countdown is on for real now - we have about 11 weeks until we are set to meet this little one and I am so excited!!!

On a different note, Brittany - I need you to post pics from the wedding ASAP!  I am dying to see how beautiful everything was! 

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~Brit said...

I feel like it was just yesterday when you told us all you were pregnant! You are absolutely right when you say it flew by. You've done such a wonderful job at being a mommy already and I can't wait to see just how spoiled--in a good way-- miss Kate will be!

Also, I posted most on facebook, but I will be getting around to getting a post up hopefully today about the wedding :)

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