June 15, 2010

A Few Random Things...

So, I thought I would just do a dump of some randomness!

It is hot - very hot.  I knew that it would be hot this summer - it is, after all, summertime in Houston.  It will be hot until October/ November. 

However, stating the obvious to a pregnant woman over and over is not going to get anyone anywhere.  I am shocked by how many people find the need to tell me how miserable I am going to be this summer.  Um, thank you Captain Obvious.

Also, don't tell me that I should have planned my pregnancy better to avoid the heat.  I am thankful to be pregnant at all - I don't care that it is officially 45845 degrees outside. 

So, when you come up and tell me "I've been waiting to see you miserable in the heat so I could tell you what bad timing you had when getting pregnant" don't be surprised when you are hit in the face and I say "I've been waiting for you to say something stupid so I finally had a reason to slap you".  Yes this really happened - well not the slapping part but, if I hear something like that one more time I have a feeling I might be fired due my less than professional reaction.

Birth Plans
I am absolutely shocked by women's birth plans these days.  Did you know that some women provide their doctors and nurses with 10 pages of ridiculousness that will just be ignored because it is insane to begin with requests for their birthing experience?  Things like the type of music they want playing, the scent of candles they want burning, and that all medical professionals must properly introduce themselves before entering the room.  I'm not kidding. 

I can promise you that the last thing on my mind when in labor is going to be a freaking candle or some music. 

What is my "birth plan" you may ask?

For the hospital to do what ever needs to be done to ensure I have a living baby to bring home.  That's it. 

Well, I may have a few other things. 

Such as give me what ever drugs you can legally provide so that I am free of pain and in a happy place.  Also, I might even tell the nurse that if Alex is driving me crazy trying a bit too hard to offer me support and I look aggravated, it may be in the best interest of all involved parties (and my marriage) to go ahead and just let him pass out and not wake him until a clean, cute baby girl is ready to be held.  Or to just up those meds they are pumping in me to get rid of my attitude.

Seems easy enough to me.

I pretty much have none of this at the present time.  The nursery is at a standstill, I have not made a baby purchase in weeks (although this is intentional - I am waiting on shower gifts so we can see what we really need), and I am pretty much behind on everything that I wanted to have completed by now.

I'm hoping motivation returns so I can finish everything on time!

I am beyond excited about my showers!  My first shower will be in Mandeville in about 1.5 weeks and I am giddy!  It is like a kid waiting for Christmas.  I have friends coming in from all over and I cannot wait to see them.  I also cannot wait to see how beautiful the shower itself is - my friends and family have been working hard on planning it and I know it is going to be simply amazing!

My second shower is set for the middle of July here in Houston - and it is a girly tea party!  I'm pretty sure it is going to be perfection as well!  I can't wait to celebrate with my friends here and have a super girly party!  My friends here are also doing an amazing job planning and I can't wait to see it all come together!

I'm sure Kate is going to be spoiled rotten by the time she gets here!

Ok- that's all for now - although I'm sure I'll have more random thoughts over the next 9 weeks - yep, only 9 more weeks until baby girl is here!  EKKKK!!!!


Jami Balmet said...

A random post but a good one :) That is sooo exciting about your baby showers! Enjoy them! I hope you get all kinds of fun goodies for your baby girl :)

And yeah those women ARE crazy who demand all those things! Amen! Leave it up to the doctors to make sure you have a SAFE delivary!

Kristin said...

People have been saying the same thing to me too. I told the last sucker to go away before I punched him in his man junk. He left. I would have done it, too.

Mel said...

I hope that you liked you invites lady! I love them, but I like most of the things that I make!

Megan and David said...

I am laughing at the birth plan thing. People are crazy if they think doctors give a crap what kind of music they prefer to have playing.

And people take having a healthy and live baby for granted if they think that stuff is really important.

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