June 17, 2010

Decisions, decisions!!

I am in the process of selecting and antique dresser/ buffet to use in the nursery as our changing table and for additional storage.  Which ever we select will be refinished in an antique white and possibly distressed just the slightest bit.  I also will add very girly pulls/ handles to the piece.  (I say "I will do/ add" when in actuality I am paying someone to refinish it for me - I am just not a big time DIYer and have no desire to watch over Alex's shoulder while he complains lovingly refinishes furniture for me.)

The problem is, I've found two pieces that I really love - they are just a bit different. 

The French dresser:

  • Beautiful
  • More storage
  • A bit deeper (by 3/4 of an inch - so not much)
  • Very long (it would take up almost an entire wall at 75" long)
  • Shorter (only 32" tall - would this hurt my back when changing her?)
  • More expensive
The buffet:

  • Taller (35" - pretty standard for a changing table)
  • Cheaper
  • Not as long which would allow me to add a precious spindle corner shelf on the same wall
  • Not as deep (could she wiggle off?),
  • Much smaller piece (only 45" long) so it won't really make a statement
  • Not as intricate at the French dresser
So, faithful readers, which do you prefer and why?  And, if you are a mom - what are your thoughts on my concerns about height and depth? 

Thanks so much!


Greg said...

Go with the tall one. You're not short, and if you are uncomfortable using it, you won't, and then you're stuck with a GIGANTIC piece of worthless furniture that you'll resent.

Momma Wilson said...

Gosh, they are both so beautiful! I'm leaning towards the buffet, I LOVE that piece of furniture. I think that's what I would go with... can we see a pic of the room?

Lindsey B said...

I would post a picture of the room but, it still has a queen size bed, a huge TV, and a TV stand in it (on top of the crib that is in there too).

Basically, I am slacking at clearing it out and getting on the nursery!

Erin said...

I would agree, go with the buffet. 1. I like that its taller, it will save your back. 2. I like that its not as long (other one seems a little over-powering in a room) 3. Kate wont wiggle off, we attached a strap to the back of our dresser so you cant see it but helps it be secure. I think in white and different pulls this piece will be gorgeous. Just my 2 cents :)

Megan and David said...

The taller one. As long as it is deep enough to fit a changing pad, you are fine! It doesn't matter that it isn't just need a changing pad and a little caddy for diapers/cream, etc.

I would MUCH rather not have to bend down when changing. And she won't wiggle off as long as it can fit the changing pad.

They are both lovely! But I think you will be happier with the taller one.

kim said...

100%, go with the taller one. Changing the girls on the PNP changer killed my back. I love love love the taller changing table in their nursery.

A style blog said...

I think they're both beautiful but I really love the french one most!

Lauren said...

I like them both...for comparison my youngest monkey is 32 inches tall...not so sure I would be comfortable changing a diaper that low!

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