January 19, 2011

5 Months!!

I cannot believe Kate is 5 months today.  Seriously, where has the time gone?

The little stinker didn't want to look at the camera while taking her 5 month pictures - I got a few close up pictures of her face but, these were the best I could do in terms of full body/ see how big she is getting pictures.
My feet are clearly better that your camera, mom!

Turning 5 months is boring...

Finally got a little smile!!

Here's what Kate is up to at 5 months:
*Weights a little under 13 pounds
*Is about 25.5 inches long
*Wearing a size 2 diaper (they are big on her but she needs the absorbency of size twos)
*Is wearing 0-3 and 3 month clothing.  Some 3-6 fit in length but the pants are big on her.  She is in 3-6 month sleepers for length.
*Is a rolling machine - both ways!  I put her down on her play mat (on her back) one day last week and went into the kitchen to get something to drink.  I came back into the living room and Kate was no longer on her play mat.  She was off the rug and on our hardwoods across the room.  This mobility thing is happening too fast.
*She also is SO ready to scoot around.  Whenever she is on her belly, she tries to get on all fours and go.  I'm thinking we may have a crawler by month 6!
*We are full on teething here.  I can see Kate's bottom two teeth right below the gums and am pretty sure they will cut through within the week.  This means she chews on everything - especially her fingers.
*I think she is starting to understand peek-a-boo.  We play at gymboree and I play it with her at home.  But, she never really got it.  Well, during her 5 month pictures today, she kept shoving her face in the corner of the chair and then looking at me with a big smile.  She did this multiple times.

Where's Kate?
There she is!
*She is also very in to touching and feeling things.  She scratches blankets, runs her fingers through your hair, rubs satin to her face, etc.
*I think her favorite time of the day is when her Daddy gets home!

I am loving how interactive she is these days!  It is so fun!


Lauren said...

I can't believe she's already 5 months!!
She's so dang adorable & seems so advanced! Either that, or Claire is lagging in the "milestone" department...

I love the last picture of K eyeing her Daddy. so sweet

Kristi said...

So cute! I love the peek-a-boo's too!

Jennifer said...

Lol, the peekaboo pictures are adorable! What a pretty girl! Cor.ben can't wait to get going too. It's so funny to see him "swimming" on the ground, but he does get frustrated sometimes. Especially when he had a play date today and really wanted to be able to crawl over and pull her hair, lol. I love that dress she was wearing.

Syl said...

She is so stinkin' cute!!!

How do you like the Gymboree classes?

KariBeth and Josh Gentry said...

aww she is so adorable!! She's getting so big!

Megan and David said...

Love it!! It keeps getting better and better!!

mommy baum said...

She is adorable and you take beautiful pictures! :) Happy 5 months!

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