May 21, 2011

9 Month Stats!

This post is a few days late and I feel horrible about it.  But, I've been so busy and Kate has decided that she is going to fight bed time these days so my "me" time to check email, blog, edit pictures, etc has been very limited.

We had our 9 month well baby yesterday but, it turned into a sick baby visit.  Kate woke up Friday morning and seemed off.  I noticed that she had a pretty bad diaper rash when I changed her so I smeared on half a tube a nice layer of Triple Paste (the best diaper cream ever).  By 8am she was totally out of sorts, screaming bloody murder non stop, and burning up.  I took her temp and it was up to 101. 

We headed to the doctor thankful that we already had an appointment on the books.  Kate's pediatrician thought it was best to cath her for a urine sample because she suspected a UTI.  Sure enough, Kate had blood and white cells in her urine.  She was diagnosed with a UTI and a yeast rash.  She got an antibiotic shot in the office and started oral antibiotics today.

Her poor diaper rash is horrible.  We are using prescription cream that better work because it was $213 for one tube.  As of today, it looks worse and she has an open, oozing sore on one spot of the rash.  We've been letting her hang out nakey as much as possible to dry out the area and hope the rash gets better.

Kate woke up this morning and was acting much better so we headed to the zoo - that was a mistake!  I'll blog about out trip soon!

Despite the adventure we've had, I wanted to document what's up with Kate at 9 months!  I just love that she is wearing this dress -  it was one of the first monogrammed things I bought for her when I was pregnant!  I blogged about it too!

Weight: 18 pounds 6 ounces
Length: 28 inches
Clothing size: totally varies - she's up to 9 or 12 month jammies for length but can still wear 3-6 month dresses.  Shorts are typical 3-6 or 6 months and bubbles are 6-9 or 9 month for length purposes.  She's all over the place!
Diaper: Still hanging out in size 3s.

What Kate's up to:
*She is totally mobile and gets to whatever she wants.  She is also cruising everywhere and can walk from couch to end table to couch to coffee get the picture!
*Sleeping through the night consistently.  We still have a few rough nights every so often but, for the most part she goes down by 7 and wakes up between 5-6 every morning.
*Stranger Danger is in full effect.  Crowds freak Kate out (as do goats - another thing I'll be posting about) and she is extra clingy when she is around anyone she doesn't know.
*We are completely off of pureed baby food.  Kate hasn't eaten baby food since we were in Mississippi a few weeks ago.  She currently loves black beans, steamed carrots, lima beans, green beans, broccoli (she loves to hold it like a lollipop and take bites out of the top part), pears, black eyes peas, ground turkey, Kix cereal, and lots of other things!  She eats like a champ but it is hard to find things that are egg, dairy, and soy free due to her allergies.
*Despite all of the classic signs of teething, Kate is still tooth free.  Maybe we'll have a tooth by August!
*Is walking with a push toy - I have a precious video and when I learn to upload I will share!
*Knows how to high five!
*Gives me and Alex kisses!
*Still not saying anything but loves to babble and make noise!

We are having such a blast with her these days!  I cannot believe that we are so close to Kate's first birthday - this is all going way too fast!

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Kara said...

Sorry to hear Kate is sick again, I hope she gets to feeling better soon. I know how stubborn yeast rashes are.

Oh, and your new blog layout is so cute!

cjdubs13 said...

Our little guy just had horrible diaper rash and at our wellness appointment they suggested soaking in a bath with 2 T of baking soda three times a day along with the other thins you are already doing. It seemed to help! She is adorable.

Ashley Paige said...

aw, sweet baby! i hope her little tush is better soon! i haven't ever really had experience with diaper rash as a mom, but when i was a nanny, the little girl used to get HORRIBLE rashes in the summer. her mom swore by baking soda soaks AND using cornstarch on her bum and leaving her open to air.. that expensive cream better work! holy crap! but hey, that little girl's butt is totally worth it. hope she's feeling better soon.. Hugs, L!

Christie said...

9 months?! How did that happen? She is adorable, as always, and I hope her diaper rash clears up soon. Can't wait to hear this goat story!

Ali said...

I've never commented, but after reading your post, I wanted to share that my DD had life threatening food allergies to egg, soy, peanuts, & tree nuts and non-life threatening allergies to avocado, dairy & wheat.
After lots of work with a Pedi GI & Allergist, she is thriving and has even outgrown all of her allergies except tree nuts & avocado.

I hope your daughter outgrows her allergies too!

We found "Kids with Food Allergies" a very useful website for recipe resources, parent support, & ideas for making holidays and celebrations special for children with limited diets.

Jessica said...

Happy 9 Months, sweet girl!! Bless her heart with that UTI & diaper rash. That sure does suck!

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