May 18, 2011

Sweet KK

I couldn't come up with a decent post title today.  Nothing really represents how blessed I am feeling this week.

After the few weeks of work hell, things have calmed down, and Kate seems to be extra happy.  I truly believe she feeds off of my emotions and is calmer/ happier this week because I am putting of a calmer/ happier/ more put together vibe.

I adore getting home from work - Kate is so excited to see me and lunges into my arms when I get home.  It literally makes me day.  I can't even begin to describe how much I love this precious girl.

And, I love witnessing her excitement when her Daddy gets home.  She knows that the garage door = someone coming home so she crawls to our railing (our living area is on the second floor), stands up, and waits for her Daddy to walk in.  She gets so excited when she sees him! 

Again, we are so blessed.

We had our daily photo shoot today and KK was so happy. I can't pick a favorite from today so I have several pictures to share!

Sweet smiles!

Signature look - tongue sticking out!

Please notice how light Kate's hair is getting!  It has a beautiful red tint when we are out in the sun!!

When Kate is playing with her toys, she either has something in her mouth or is trying to put it on her head!  Silly girl!

Kate has recently mastered bending down and picking up whatever she wants - today it was the remote.

And since she is cruising everywhere (and attempting to take steps without holding on - where has my baby gone?) she totally peaced out of our photo shoot today! 

A few blog related things - my new blog design should be live this week!  And, I will have my first giveaway on my new giveaway blog this week as well.  It is an AWESOME Pear Tree giveaway - if you are planning a first birthday party (or any party) you won't want to miss out!


Jessica said...

Thank you for your sweet comment the other day. I really do appreciate the prayers! I'm glad to hear things at work have slowed down some for you. And I totally agree-babies definitely feed off of our emotions. I try so hard to never show my stress in front of my kids for that reason. I can just picture how cute Kate is looking through the railing when y'all come home. Isn't that the BEST feeling ever?! Even if you've just been gone a couple hours, they welcome you like they haven't seen you in weeks! I love it! Girl, she is going to be walking before you know it! It is right around the corner!!!

Lauren said...

She's absolutely gorgeous. But you know that. Also, your photog skills are amazing. Seriously.

Christie said...

I know you hear this all the time, but her eyes are just gorgeous! And I can't believe how well she's just cruising around and bending over to pick things up. It's unreal how quickly time is going!

B F said...

Just found your blog and LOVE IT!! I have a 9 month (almost 10 month old) and I bet our kiddos would get along great! Your daughter is so stinkin cute!

Emily said...

I, for one, love daily Kate photo shoots!

Lea said...

Katie is so cute. And you are right, now that she is mobile the photo shoots will get much harder.

Love your blog and your precious baby girl.

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