May 23, 2011

OMG!! She did it!!!

I am super excited to announce that Kate has officially taken her first step!!! 

We were hanging out in her nursery post nap today.  She loves to hold on to her crib rails and stand up.  Well, she let go, got her balance, took a step, and looked at me like "wow, did I just do that?".

I freaked and started clapping and such which resulted in Kate getting excited and losing her balance and plopping back down on her butt.

She did it (just one step we haven't gotten to multiple steps at once) several more times!

I am seriously one proud momma today!!!  I don't have any pictures or video yet because she isn't steady enough for me to feel comfortable taking pictures and not being able to catch her the second she starts to tumble!

I really think her push toy has given her the confident to start taking steps.  This is the one she has!

If anyone wants to explain how to upload video (the video button thing on blogger doesn't work for me) I will gladly post some video of Kate pushing her walker all over the house.  I'm thinking I might need to upload to YouTube first, yes?
Also, Kate can now crawl up the stairs!  No clue when she mastered that one but she is a pro!


Brittany {Coleman Chronicles} said...

That is SO exciting! How fun!
As far as the videos go - have you tried using Windows Live Writer to blog from? It's a quick download, and is as easy as Microsoft Word to blog from. Makes it really easy to upload pictures and videos (although I usually still upload to YouTube first, I think you can upload directly from your computer, too).
I haven't blogged directly from blogger in awhile, so sorry I can't help that way!

Jennifer said...

That's so exciting! Good job Kate!

Unknown said...

Very exciting!! Good job Kate!!!

Erin said...

Yes- You Tube first, thats how I do it, can't wait to see!

mommy baum said...

Hooray for Kate!

As for the videos, I upload to youtube first, and then grab the "embed" code. You can easily place it in your blog post if you switch the tab from "compose" to "edit html". Then it should give you a preview if you switch back, and you have the option of centering it, resizing it, etc.

Good luck, I can't wait to watch that little cutie in motion!

Jessica said...

Yay Kate!!!!! And yes, what everyone else is saying. Upload to youtube first. I can't wait to see her!

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