May 28, 2011

Florida Fun! Picture Overload!

Kate and I flew out  to Florida Wednesday afternoon for a visit with my family! 

After an extremely hectic morning, Kate and I made it to Hobby on time for our flight!  Kate adores people watching and she got her fix in the airport!  She was too busy to look at me!  These first three pictures are crappy iPhone pics!
Kate did great on the flight and slept most of the time!  I was blessed with a wonderful woman (who is a mom to older children) sitting next to us that was more than willing to help out while I got situated, made Kate a bottle, etc!  It made things much easier.

We landed in time to grab dinner with my brother and his sweet girlfriend that I am hoping becomes Kate's Aunt in the next few years Katelynn before making the drive to my mom's house!  I swear my "little" brother grows an inch every time I see him.  He is SOOO tall!

We've been busy, and soaking up the sun, since we got here! 

Thursday morning started off with breakfast with Pops.  Kate made a huge mess in Cracker Barrel but, I'm realizing that is just how life with a baby goes!  It was great to catch up with my Dad!

We headed to my sister's house Thursday afternoon so Kate, Graham, and Miles could play!  They had a blast in the pool we set up in Lauren's yard!

Diva baby in the pool!

The only picture we have of all three kids!

Graham man playing hard!

Yes my sister and I are dorks and take pictures of each other taking pictures of each other.  Don't judge.  Also, I love that we are both Nikon girls.  It makes playing with someone's camera gear so much fun!  I am coveting her external flash after using it Thursday night!  And, I'm pretty sure she is trying to get a 5 finger discount on a 50mm...

Kate is not impressed with another DSLR in her face.  A crazy momma is bad enough.  A crazy momma and a crazy Lala is just too much!

MooMoo inside after a fun afternoon in the sun!

Kate and Lala!

Kate and Mimi!

Sorry for all of the pictures - I didn't feel like fooling with Picasa to make collages but I probably should have!

We headed back to Ocala Friday and went to the YMCA so the kids could hang out in the "big pool".  They have a really awesome kiddy area that Kate loved.  She is such a little fish - jumping, splashing, and crawling everywhere!  She loves the water so much!  I didn't have my camera out but my sister took pictures - I'll get them today and post some later.

Our plans for today include attempting a photo shoot with all three kids (I'm hoping that between my sister and I we get something cute), a family photo session for my sister (I'm going to attempt to take pictures of someone other than Kate - wish me luck), and a bit of shopping! 

We fly back to Houston tomorrow morning.

We are having a blast but Kate and I miss Alex so much!  Can't wait to get home to him tomorrow!!


- Jessi - said...

Looks like you all had a great time! It was pretty weather for you :)

Megan and David said...

Looks like an amazing vacation! You and your sis are super adorable : ) I can't wait to see all the pics you took.

Megan and David said...

PS - sorry you had a crappy flight - it is tough traveling alone with a child. But glad you made it to and from safely. xoxo

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